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In this edition of TV Bits:

  • HBO’s Watchmen TV series adds even more cast members
  • American Horror Story season 8 premiere date set
  • Comic book series Gideon Falls is being adapted for TV
  • J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi HBO show Demimonde now has a showrunner
  • What to expect from The Expanse season 4
  • A trailer for Animals season 3
  • Fox is adapting a French satirical puppet show for the U.S.
  • The never-ending show Supernatural now has its own holiday in Austin, Texas
  • Mike Myers talks about his strange Gong Show character
  • Jimmy Fallon plans to host The Tonight Show as long as human possible
  • Salman Rushdie‘s Midnight’s Children is being adapted for Netflix
  • Fox cancels Ghosted
  • A teaser trailer for Sons of Anarchy spin-off Mayans M.C.

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Salman Rushdie is one of our most valuable literary voices, and he also happens to be a tremendous fan of film. One of my earliest encounters with his work was via an essay he wrote on Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (available in Imaginary Homelands) and in the many years since I’ve had the good fortune to see Rushdie speak on the topic of film numerous times.

He has talked for a few years about the upcoming adaptation of his landmark novel Midnight’s Children, a novel that traces the political and cultural history of modern India through the lives of two twins and other mystically connected children born on or near the moment of India’s independence.

The film finally shot in recent months, based on Rushdie’s own script, under the direction of Deepa Mehta. The last time we reported on the movie was in August 2010, when Scott Pilgrim‘s Satya Bhabha was cast in the lead role of Saleem. Now we’ve got the first official still from the resulting movie (of Bhabha, and Shriya Sara as Parvati) and a video clip from TIFF in which Rushdie explains how he came to provide some voiceover for the film. Read More »


The young actor Satya Bhabha was almost a total unknown a few months ago. Now he’s got a highlighted role in Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs the World, in which he plays the first of the characters that must be defeated by Scott Pilgrim to win the heart of Ramona Flowers.

Bhabha is memorable in Wright’s film, but he’ll soon have a much bigger role in a long-awaited movie. According to the actor, he’s playing Saleem Sinai, the main character in an adaptation of Salman Rushdie‘s seminal novel Midnight’s Children. Read More »