Opinions are divided on whether 1987’s The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (a Topps Chewing Gum Production!) is so bad its good, or so bad that you’ll want to cut your throat with blades chipped into the rock-hard gum once packed with the original ’80s Cabbage Patch Kids parody sticker collection. The “little people in suits” alien/kids are so ugly they make the Howard the Duck suits look like objects of erotica, and story manages to be both absurd and completely dull.

But now the Garbage Pail Kids are getting another shot. Michael Eisner‘s current outfit The Tornante Company is financing and producing the development of a new film based on the card/sticker set. Read More »

Which major celebrity created their own, customized Batmobile? Want to watch Michael Shannon and Tom Hiddleston talk about Man of Steel and The Avengers? How about see a ton of new images from the New York set of The Dark Knight Rises? What do cats look like dressed up as superheroes? Curious how you can make your very own flourescent kryptonite candy? How is North Carolina reacting to their Iron Man 3 news? What is Stan Lee doing with Michael Eisner? Is there video of the Man of Steel scene from which a spoiler-filled set photo surfaced recently? Read about all that and much more in this special four page, weekend edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Bazooka Bubble Gum

Has it really come to this?  The search for the a bankable property or popular story started off simple and innocently with adaptations of popular books, sequels, and comic book films. And in the last two decades, we’ve had video game movies, theme park ride adaptations, cartoons/anime turned live-action, tv to film, movies based toys and action figures, and most recently board game film adaptations.

But now Hollywood is sinking to new lows. Tonight it was announced that Michael Eisner is adapting a a film based on bubble gum. That’s right — GUM!
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