Part of the great appeal of Bridesmaids — and indeed, of any Judd Apatow flick — is the loose, sometimes improvised dialogue between characters. But for every witty line that makes it into the film, there’s tons more material that ends up on the cutting room floor. Thankfully, that’s what Blu-rays, DVDs, and YouTube are for.

If you saw the movie, you may remember the scene where disgruntled jewelry store employee Annie (Kristen Wiig) begins lashing out at her customers, including one pretty teenager (Mia Frampton) who gives as good as she gets. Only a few choice lines were seen in the movie, but there’s much more where that came from, in the form of a 10-minute extended scene from the Blu-ray titled “The Longest Argument Ever.” And you may want to treasure this extra bit of Bridesmaids, because if co-star Jon Hamm‘s comments are to be believed, a Bridesmaids 2 may not be coming down the pipeline after all. Watch the scene and read Hamm’s comments after the jump. (A note of warning: The bickering ends with some NSFW language, so if you’re watching the video at work you may want to stop around the 9:20 mark.)

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