Meet the Deedles

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The goofball subgenre of comedy, where the protagonist is the dumbest person alive and somehow becomes the center of a plot much bigger than them, was all the rage in the late ’80s and early ’90s. From The Naked Gun movies to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to Dumb and Dumber, these movies gave us dumb yet lovable buffoons who got into a ton of trouble, but still have a certain charm that keeps them from being so dumb that they’re unlikeable.

In a different world, Disney could have had its own franchise of lovable idiots in the late ’90s. Instead, the studio did too little too late, chasing after a trend long after audiences had already expressed their desire to move on from the subgenre. We’re talking, of course, about Meet the Deedles, a movie that came four years after Dumb and Dumber but feels like it was made 20 years later by someone who only had a passing knowledge of what the movie is like. But hey! At least the cast includes Paul Walker and Dennis Hopper.

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