Pen15 season 2

One of Hulu’s best original shows is coming back this fall – and then again next year.

PEN15, the hilarious series which features 30-something actresses Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine playing 13-year-old versions of themselves in junior high school opposite actual 13-year-olds, is returning for its second season later this year. But PEN15 season 2 will be split in half, with the first half of its 14-episode season premiering in September and the back half debuting sometime in 2021.

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Plus One trailer

After a huge boom in the 1990s, the steady stream of Hollywood romantic comedies has trickled down to a slow drip. That scarcity makes each new entry into the genre feel more significant than it may have before, and such is the case with Plus One, a delightful-looking rom-com starring Maya Erskine (Pen15) and Jack Quaid (The Hunger Games) about two friends who agree to be each other’s plus ones during wedding season. Check out the trailer below.
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plus one review

Thirty years ago, When Harry Met Sally posed the question: Can men and women really be friends? While it never quite provided an answer, it did prove one satisfying thing — friendship may be forever, but watching friends fall in love is timeless.

Plus One, which follows two jaded college buddies Ben and Alice (Jack Quaid and Maya Erskine) who make a pact to be each other’s plus ones during a summer of endless weddings, pays appropriate homage to its lauded predecessor, but takes that delightful push-pull dynamic that When Harry Met Sally perfected to another level. Pen15 writers Jeff Chan and Andrew Rhymer unite with Erskine, the star and co-creator of the acclaimed Hulu series, to make their feature debut with this sharp, raunchy, and altogether winning film that is poised to be the rom-com of the summer.

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