Three years after the excellent prison thriller A Prophet, director Jacques Audiard is back with the romantic drama Rust and Bone. Bullhead star Matthias Schoenaerts plays a young father named Ali who meets a beautiful orca whale trainer, Stephanie (Marion Cotillard). As tragedy (or ludicrous plot twists, if you’re feeling less generous) strikes for both of them, the two imperfect beings fall in love. Watch the first UK trailer after the jump.

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Drafthouse Films found itself in an interesting predicament recently: the label picked up rights to distribute the film Bullhead a couple months ago, and has been planning a rollout. But then the movie snagged a nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Suddenly there’s reason to get Bullhead into theaters sooner rather than later, and the Drafthouse team went into overdrive to make that happen.

A poster for the film debuted earlier this week, and now we’ve got the first US trailer. Watching this I can see why the film did well at Fantastic Fest and why Drafthouse Films was eager to pick it up. There is undeniably a fighting angle to the movie, but Bullhead is really a crime thriller that looks like it has one hell of a physical performance from Mattias Schoenaerts. The trailer is oppressive as hell, with an atmosphere that made me a bit uncomfortable in the span of a mere two minutes.

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