The Thing Prequel Begins Shooting in March


Production Weekly is reporting that Universal Pictures’ prequel to John Carpenter‘s cult classic thriller The Thing, will begin shooing in Toronto this March, and will continue until June. The screenplay, which was written by Ronald D. Moore, and rewritten by Eric Heisserer, tells the story of a shape-shifting alien terrorizes researchers at a Norwegian Antarctic facility. Matthijs Van Hejningen is set to direct. Watch 8 of Van Hejningen’s television commercials here.

Bloody Disgusting beat the trades to the punch two weeks ago but this morning the upcoming The Thing prequel-remake has been thrust into the web-weary gaze of the crusty and blog-fearing by getting a story in Daily Variety (though even they ran it first on the web, last night).

After agreeing that Matthijs Van Hejningen has been appointed as director and that Ronald D. Moore’s screenplay for a “Norwegian camp prequel” will be used, Variety don’t really tell us anything we didn’t already know so I’ll instead go back to Bloody Disgusting for the quote meat.

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