muppet babies clip

The Muppet Babies are coming back to make your dreams come true with an all-new animated series, whether you like it or not. A brand-new Muppet Babies clip introduces you to the cast of characters, and features a lot of singing.

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Watch Lovely ‘Sock Monkey’ Proof of Concept Footage

Sock Monkey footage

I envy anyone who is discovering the comics of Tony Millionaire for the first time. For a couple decades, Millionaire has been crafting his Victorian-inspired and intricately illustrated strip Maakies, and importing characters from that strip into the slightly more long-form Sock Monkey comics. Maakies is decidedly not kids stuff — it’s a dark, messed-up strip with characters like the perpetually drunk and occasionally suicidal Drinky Crow. But Sock Monkey is a great set of all-ages stories, energized by a spirit of classic adventure and a gorgeous illustration style. Now there’s some Sock Monkey footage that acts as a test reel for a potential film.

Millionaire and Matt Danner are hoping to translate their upcoming book into a movie, and they’ve made a great piece of proof of concept animation. This uses hybrid CG and live-action “digi-nette puppetry” to animate the title character as he explores an old Victorian house. Watch the short clip below.

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