The term ‘crowd sourcing’ has been around for a few years, but it has been mostly applied to technology (software coding and testing, for example) and then new versions of news media and things like Wikipedia. But we’re starting to see some high-profile crowd-sourced work applied to movies, and the potential is interesting. When web tools like Facebook and Twitter can easily unite budding content creators with access to high-quality cameras and post-production suites, why not put all that distributed power to work making a film?

Just a couple of days ago I reported on This Movie is Broken, the Bruce McDonald and Don McKellar project that aims to set a semi-documentary performance by the band Broken Social Scene within a summertime Toronto built by user-submitted footage. Now the New York Times reports that Live Music, a crowd-sourced animated short film project, has not only come to fruition, but will be distributed by Sony in front of the studio’s animated Planet 51 this fall. Read More »