Stan Lee Transformation

(Welcome to Role Call, where we examine two performances from an actor – their first defining role and their most recent/last – to get a sense of who they are.)

My Stan Lee story is the same as everyone else’s. I was milling around the Marriott Marquis at one of a hundred sponsored parties at Comic-Con when the Marvel legend walked up to me, struck up a conversation, and chit chatted for a few minutes before moseying along to a comfy lobby couch nearby. I don’t remember if he had a drink. I don’t remember what we talked about. I remember that I shook his hand.

I also remember that there was no force field between Stan Lee the persona and Stan Lee and person. He’s the celebrity most comfortable with celebrity that I’ve ever met – at once energized by the attention without being desperate for it or to avoid it. He was treated like oxygen at Comic-Con: some people gasped and flailed for him while others took him as a casual component of the atmosphere.

Obviously he wasn’t an actor so much as a person hired to play himself in movies. Yet his on-screen personality fascinates because of its singularity. Famous people have been hired to drop in as themselves with a wink and nod since Hollywood’s early days, but Lee created a story engine that would, half a century later, morph into a cinematic powerhouse that held him as its mascot, good luck charm, and ever-present unnamed character. Read More »

daredevil season 4

Netflix cancelled Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and now it looks like the Man Without Fear might be next. New data is hinting that Daredevil season 4 likely won’t happen. Netflix doesn’t release ratings, but interest in a show is often tracked via social media engagement. Trends suggest that Daredevil season 3 is pulling in less-than-desirable numbers on social media, which could spell the end for the series. But there’s still some hope.

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daredevil season 3 review

The new season of Daredevil picks up after the events of The Defenders, and finds Matt Murdock in the midst of a spiritual and emotional crisis. The results are mixed. Can the Marvel Netflix show continue to thrive, or is it time to exorcise this series for good? Read our Daredevil season 3 review below.

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Disney Streaming Service Loki and Scarlet Witch TV shows

Disney wants to beat Netflix at the streaming game, and they know just how to do it: by bringing MCU characters to TV. A new report reveals that the House of Mouse is planning to offer streaming shows devoted to Loki, Scarlet Witch and possibly other Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. Both Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen are expected to reprise their respective roles. More on the latest Disney streaming service news below.

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Mondo Marvel show

It’s been 10 years since Marvel Studios changed Hollywood forever, and the folks at Mondo Gallery have been there from the beginning to mark new releases with memorable and often jaw-dropping artwork.

To celebrate the first decade of Marvel Studios’ cinematic exploits, Mondo Gallery has announced a brand new show called Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years which will take place in Austin next month. Learn more about the upcoming Mondo Marvel art show below.
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How ‘Captain Marvel’s Nick Fury Is Very Different

Captain Marvel Nick Fury

When I read that Samuel L. Jackson signed a nine-movie deal with Marvel Studios I remember doing a double take, but next year’s Captain Marvel will complete that cycle. Jackson’s still planning to return as the character at least one more time in Spider-Man: Far From Home, but first he’ll be digitally de-aged to head back to the 1990s for Captain Marvel.

In a new interview, the actor talks about the difference between young Nick Fury and the grizzled veteran we know today and the “attitude-changing moment” his character experiences in this film that sends him on the path to becoming the agent we know.
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Ant-Man and the Wasp Box Office

I bet you didn’t see this one coming, folks! In an astounding, unprecedented bit of breaking news, we have learned that a Marvel movie is making money at the box office. I know, I know – we all thought this couldn’t happen. But these are strange times we live in. In all seriousness: the Ant-Man and the Wasp box office is off to a very good start, with early projections putting it ahead of Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

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ant-man and the wasp featurette

Ant-Man and the Wasp is one of Marvel’s lightest, most laid-back movies in recent memory. And that’s not a bad thing. The film is low on stakes and big on funny set pieces and action scenes. A new Ant-Man and the Wasp featurette highlights some of the film’s special effects and action beats, giving you a taste of what to expect from the latest MCU entry.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp Featurette

Ant-Man and the Wasp are at it again in yet another new featurette showcasing the upcoming Marvel film. The sequel to Marvel’s light and frothy Ant-Man comes on the heels of all the d0om-and-gloom of Avengers: Infinity War, and might just be what fans need right now. Watch the Ant-Man and the Wasp featurette below.

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Black Widow director

Marvel is narrowing down their search for a Black Widow director. Reports indicate several female filmmakers are on the shortlist to helm the film, but Australian director Cate Shortland might be the finalist.

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