Akiva Goldsman is still working towards the realization of his first effort as a feature film director. For quite some time, the writer/producer has wanted to bring to the screen an adaptation of Mark Helprin‘s novel Winter’s Tale. In February Warner Bros. agreed to make the film, though at the time it looked like the project was going to have to wait until after the shoot for the first feature in the Dark Tower series, which Goldsman is writing and producing.

With The Dark Tower sidelined for the time being, Goldsman is actively working on Winter’s Tale. A casting shortlist has emerged, and while the picks aren’t final by any means, this will give you an idea of where he’s going with the project. Read More »

For some time writer/producer Akiva Goldsman has wanted to direct an adaptation of Mark Helprin‘s novel Winter’s Tale. We haven’t heard much about the project in the past year, especially since he’s been busy in the past few months with the ambitious adaptation of Stephen King’s Dark Tower novels. Now Winter’s Tale seems to be greenlit based on a script written by Mr. Goldman, and it will be able to shoot in 2012. Read More »