On Mad Men, Elisabeth Moss‘s character Peggy Olson is one of the key ingredients to the show’s recreation of the 1960s. She makes mistakes, as all the characters do, but is a key part of the show’s conscience, and a manifestation of progressiveness. It is a character that could so easily have just been a walking symbol, but Moss gives Peggy real life; a simple shot of her perceptive, weighted gaze is enough to pass judgement on other characters, even as Peggy is sometimes tempted to join in the shenanigans.

Commitment to Mad Men has prevented Moss from taking many big feature film roles, but there is an indie that has been around for a few years (looks like the film was originally shot just as Mad Men was starting, in 2007) in which she plays one of the two leads. The film is A Buddy Story, and it is an oh-so-indie looking road trip story involving a rootless musician (Gavin Bellour) and the neighbor (Moss) who joins him on the road to escape part of her own life.

The film will finally be released next month, and a trailer is out now. Read More »