Mad Max: Fury Road To Be a 2D-to-3D Conversion?


Samsung have just last night unveiled their latest size-zero-slim range of LED TVs at a big shindig in the Saatchi Galleries of London. In attendance, as well as the journalists and tech bloggers that Samsung will have been very keen to impress, were a host of celebs with Kevin Spacey, Noel Clarke and newly-ordained Film 2010 host Claudia Winkleman amongst them. Somewhere in the crowd was Nicholas Hoult, and it’s his comments on the upcoming Mad Max fourquel Fury Road that we’re most concerned with right now.

We’ve known since January that Fury Road was going to be a 3D picture, but I think we may have also assumed that it would be shot that way. If we can take a new quote on face value, however, what we’re going to be served up is yet another 2D to 3D conversion. There’s an awful lot of big-budget eggs being put in this particular basket right now.

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