Love Death and Robots Behind-the-Scenes Video

Love, Death + Robots bills itself as adult animation, but that doesn’t mean it’s just non-stop scenes of naked cartoon characters (although it doesn’t not mean that, either). It means these are animated titles that are designed to resonate with you as an adult. A new Love, Death + Robots behind-the-scenes video dives into the Netflix show’s inventive, often hyper-realistic animation styles.

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Love Death and Robots red-band trailer

Deadpool director Tim Miller and executive producer David Fincher are back with a new season of Love Death + Robots, their animated anthology series on Netflix that is geared toward adults. After a recent trailer relied on awe and wonder to get people intrigued to check out their multi-styled animated vision of a sci-fi world, the streamer has released a new red-band trailer that is far more violent and leans more into the sex and death aspects of this title. Check it out below.
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Love Death + Robots Season 2 Trailer

After debuting in the spring of 2019, the animated anthology series Love Death + Robots is coming back for a second round of unique sci-fi stories. Filmmakers Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (The Social Network) teamed up to executive produce the series that featured a variety of animation styles and narratives. This time, Jennifer Yuh Nelson (of the Kung Fu Panda sequels) jumped on board as supervising director, and we’ve got a first look at what they’ve cooked up with the Love Death + Robots season 2 trailer. Read More »

love death and robots season 2

Tim Miller and David Fincher‘s offbeat animated anthology series Love, Death and Robots has been renewed for another season at Netflix. The experimental anthology series will be telling more violent and sexy sci-fi tales for a second season, this time with Kung Fu Panda 2 and director Jennifer Yuh Nelson working as the supervising director. Read more about the Love Death and Robots season 2 renewal below.

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netflix random episode order

Netflix has been changing the way we watch TV, leading the cord-cutting phenomenon and disrupting the movie and TV industries with its slew of acclaimed original titles. But could it soon be changing the order in which we watch a show? Viewers of Netflix’s latest original show Love, Death & Robots noticed over the weekend that the experimental animated anthology series was shown in different episode orders per person. The streaming giant confirmed that it has been testing Netflix random episode order with Love, Death & Robots, which raises the question: Will Netflix be rolling out randomized episode orders for more of its original shows?

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love, death & robots trailer

Love, Death & Robots, the new anthology series from David Fincher and Tim Miller, may be animated – but it’s definitely not for kids. To hammer that point home, Netflix released a new Love, Death & Robots trailer, and let’s just say this thing is extremely NSFW. So send the kids out of the room, put on some headphones, and enjoy the naughty cartoon hijinks!

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