Update: This trailer was online earlier this week, but removed by Warner Bros. The trailer is now officially online.

The freshly escaped second trailer for Louis Letterier‘s Clash of the Titans remake packs a whole lot more money shots. Monster money shots, of course, because that’s the real currency here – the beasties. Avatar might just make Sam Worthington into a big star, though it most likely won’t, and if it does, it will probably be the nine foot tall blue version of him that the world falls for. Tough break. And while I might turn out to see a film because it has Gemma Arterton in it, I know I’m in a minority there.

As well as showcasing more monster action, this trailer reveals a lot more of the film’s plotline. Of course, the film is a remake and it’s also all rooted in some familiar myths so you’ll probably be surprised by absolutely none of it.

Check out the trailer after the break.

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