‘Limbo’ Trailer: Waiting is a Group Effort

limbo trailer

In Limbo, a young Syrian musician comes to a Scottish island awaiting asylum. The Ben Sharrock-directed comedy-drama starring Amir El-Masry premiered at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, where it was met with positive reviews, including one from us. Now, Limbo is headed to theaters, and ahead of its April release, you can check out a trailer below.

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Limbo Review

Frank Zappa famously said “there is no Hell, there is only France.” If that’s true, there’s a strong case to be made that a bleak island off the Scottish coast may well be the perfect place to host purgatory. In Limbo, Ben Sharrokck’s dramedy about life as an asylum seeker, we get to spend time in this state between the horror of what’s been left behind and the interminable wait for what’s yet to come.

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limbo horror movie

Better Watch Out director Chris Peckover has a new horror project lined-up. It’s called Limbo, and it’s about a young mother whose spirit gets kicked out of her own body when something evil possesses her. That’s weird and original enough to sound interesting, and definitely not your average possession plotline. Limbo is being set up at Miramax.

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