children of the corn reboot release

The latest Children of the Corn reboot – one of the few films that managed to complete production during the coronavirus pandemic – is apparently already in theaters. Two theaters, to be exact – in Sarasota, Florida. The low-budget film is the latest in a series of endless adaptations of Stephen King‘s short story about a group of creepy children running amok in corn country.

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children of the corn remake

Children of the Corn, the Stephen King story that spawned approximately ten zillion movies, is heading to the screen yet again. Kurt Wimmer, director of the Christian Bale gun-fu flick Equilibrium, is helming a Children of the Corn remake in Australia, and has actually managed to keep filming even though most productions have been shut down due to coronavirus.

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Point Break Remake

The new Point Break needs a new Bodhi. Gerard Butler was going to take on the role originated by Patrick Swayze, but Butler has pulled out of the remake. Alcon Entertainment still plans to shoot the movie this fall, with Ericson Core directing from a script by Kurt Wimmer. They’ll find a new actor to play the soulful surfer bro and professional criminal, because Point Break must be remade, and it must be remade now. (Because after Transcendence, Alcon needs the money.) Read More »


Though it eventually blossomed into a franchise with its own intricate mythology, the original The Fast and the Furious looked like nothing so much as Point Break with cars. So now that an actual Point Break remake is on the way, producers have naturally turned to the 2001 vehicle-based thriller for some guidance.

Alcon Entertainment has just tapped Fast and the Furious DP Ericson Core to direct the new film, which has been in the works for a couple of years now. Hit the jump for some more details.

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Seeing as everything else from the ’80s has been dragged back to the movie theater, it probably really is just a matter of time before we get another Twins. Also after the jump:

  • We now know who won’t be writing Scream 5
  • Paramount’s Jack Ryan film hits money trouble
  • Angelina Jolie rejects the script for Salt 2
  • Ice Cube’s working on the Friday 4 script
  • Iron Man 3 starts set work, code name revealed
  • MIB3‘s massive, ballooning budget partially explained

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MGM isn’t the only company getting remake happy. While that financially revitalized studio is focusing primarily on remakes, smaller company Alcon Entertainment is starting to do the same. The company made news when it announced a rights purchase for a prequel or sequel to Blade Runner, which Ridley Scott eventually signed to direct.

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First Look: Colin Farrell in ‘Total Recall’

Yesterday we saw the first images of sets for the new Total Recall sets, on them some white-suited troopers. Now we’ve got the first image of Colin Farrell in the lead role of Doug Quaid, a factory worker who learns, or thinks he learns, that he is really a spy for one of two nation states, Euromerica or New Shanghai. See the full image after the break.  Read More »

Briefly: You know you want a Salt sequel. Wait, you don’t? Shh, don’t tell Sony. The studio has Kurt Wimmer writing the sequel right now, and the idea is that if the script passes muster, Angelina Jolie will sign on to reprise her role as Russian spy and CIA agent on the run Evelyn Salt who (spoiler!) ended the first movie intending to hunt down other sleeper agents.

When Salt was released last year, writer Kurt Wimmer said he had an idea for a sequel, and most involved parties expressed interest in signing on. Director Phillip Noyce will not take part, however, as he said that the alternate blu-ray cuts pretty much represented his last word on the character. We don’t know yet what the story for the sequel would be, but this could easily be a Bourne-style franchise for Sony, with Angelina Jolie dashing in disguise through a few movies beating the hell out of deep-cover Russian agents. Presumably, she could be accepted back into the CIA and hunt down other spies for them, as well. [Deadline]

‘Total Recall’ Lead Offered to Colin Farrell

The ‘offer’ story is one of the more useless developments in the movie news business. Because offers go out all the time, and the reason we don’t hear about most of them is that they’re meaningless as news. The offer is part of the process of getting a film made, but until it actually turns into an actor making a deal with a part it isn’t really news. (Even the most famous offer stories, like David Lynch and Return of the Jedi, are only worth a damn as footnote trivia.)

But this one is a little better, because not only has Colin Farrell been offered the lead in the Len Wiseman-directed remake of Total Recall, he’s begun negotiations to take it. Read More »

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Sequel Talk: Black Dynamite 2 and Salt 2


Do you want a sequel to Salt? Opinion on the film is decidedly mixed, but without (it seems) a lot of middle ground. I’ve talked to people who like the movie a lot, and dislike it a lot, which might be good enough response to earn a sequel. The film has earned $166m worldwide so far — not a huge return on the $110m production budget, but it’s an Angelina Jolie movie. There’s still money to be made there.

The LA Times says that writer Kurt Wimmer has a sequel idea and that director Phillip Noyce is reportedly interested in a return, as is Angelina Jolie. But the talk seems pretty speculative. Jolie has possible films (Maleficent, the nascent Kay Scarpetta series) and Noyce has possibles like Wenceslas Square and Dirt Music, but nothing firmed up. So if Sony decides it really wants things to be Saltier, then don’t be surprised to see all involved take the easy plunge.

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