Not long ago I posted the trailer for Kooky’s Return, a beautiful-looking film by Jan Sverák (director of the Best Foreign Film Oscar-winning Kolya) that combines live-action and puppets for a slightly off-beat, very imaginative look at childhood. At the time the trailer featured no subtitles. Just after posting, however, I got in touch with the film’s production designer, Jakub Dvorský, and he recently mailed to point out that the trailer is now subtitled. So here’s an encore presentation. Read More »

VOTD: Kuky Returns Trailer


We’ve seen some great animation in the recent past, but damn. The Czech film Kuky Returns looks like a wonderful blend of Spike Jonze, Jan Svankmajer, the Muppets and probably a couple others. (Such as the video game Little Big Planet, even.) But despite all those influences at play, it also looks very much like its own thing. Watch the fantastic trailer after the break. Read More »