Another bit of Scott Pilgrim vs The World casting was hidden away at the bottom of an Empire magazine article I didn’t read fully enough the first time (and let that be a lesson to me – so excited by my new /Film engagement am I, that I’m still all spiky with adrenalin).  If only I’d slowed down a bit and used the scroll bar more casually, I’d have seen their announcement that Ellen Wong has signed on to play Knives Chau.

Who is Knives Chau?  She was Scott “Michael Cera” Pilgrim’s girlfriend before he met Ramona “Mary Elizabeth Winstead” Flowers but she’s found it hard letting go of him.  Sounds worrying, really – what with the Knives bit and all – but it isn’t.  She’s quite sweet about it, though I can’t help but feel sorry for Young Neil, her new boyfriend.  She’s 17, she’s a Second Cup employee and she’s Chinese-Canadian.  So that’s the fictional character… who’s the actress?  Who is this Ellen Wong?  Well, there’s over half of a picture of her under the break. get excited now.

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