‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ International Trailer


Here’s an alternate version of the first trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, in which Chris Pine plays the latest incarnation of Tom Clancy’s intelligence analyst turned unwitting field operative. Kenneth Branagh directs and plays with a Russian accent as the film’s villain, and Kiera Knightley and Kevin Costner offer moral support as Pine’s Jack Ryan tracks down some sort of international terror threat. Read More »


Have to admit, I’m a bit surprised that a remake of My Fair Lady has generated as much talk as it has in 2009, but that’s what happens when a couple of very high profile names get attached. (And not to really knock it, especially if it sticks close to the original Pygmalion, as reportedly it will.) Legit attachments have included Stephen Daldry and Baz Luhrmann. Then it was Danny Boyle circling the project. He bounced away from it to do 127 Hours, and there’s talk that part of the reason Boyle didn’t do the film is because he couldn’t interest Daniel Day-Lewis in the lead role. Then there was talk of Atonement‘s Joe Wright directing the film, but that turned out to be speculative poop, for the most part. Wright denied any involvement flat-out.

Now there’s a real bit of news: Shakespeare in Love director John Madden is in talks to direct. Read More »