justice league clash

Ray Fisher‘s battle with Warner Bros. over director Joss Whedon‘s alleged abuse on the set of Justice League reshoots has been well-documented over the last year. The clash has taken place over social media, in Warner Bros. boardrooms, and across the entertainment media, a back-and-forth that has been equally illuminating and frustratingly opaque.

But after months of Fisher only alluding to Whedon’s abusive behavior on-set, the Zack Snyder’s Justice League star is revealing the details in his first full sit-down interview with The Hollywood Reporter. And his account indicts not only Whedon, but DC producer Geoff Johns and several higher-ups at Warner Bros. and WarnerMedia whom he believes are not “fit for leadership.”

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The Nevers Review Round-Up Early Buzz

HBO’s new fantasy series The Nevers was supposed to be Joss Whedon‘s triumphant return to television with a much more expensive and far less restricted sandbox to play in. But due to controversy from the filmmaker’s personal and professional life, the Avengers director has already left the show, leaving its future in someone else’s hands. However, as the first reviews from critics have poured in, it’s clear this first season carries the trademarks of Joss Whedon television through and through, and that includes the good and the bad. Read More »

The Nevers showrunner

Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was poised to make his big return to television with The Nevers, a fantasy series he created for HBO that is set to premiere later this year. But Whedon walked away from the series in late 2020, and since the show must go on, HBO has hired his replacement.

British writer Philippa Goslett has been tapped to oversee the series, and you can learn more about both her and the show below. Read More »

Ray Fisher No Longer Playing Cyborg

Last week, rumors swirled that Justice League team member Cyborg had been written out of The Flash, which is currently in development at Warner Bros. Pictures. This supposedly came as a direct result of the controversy that has been brewing between co-star Ray Fisher and the studio in the wake of the actor’s allegations of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior from director Joss Whedon during reshoots on Justice League. Now, Ray Fisher has confirmed that he will not be playing Cyborg in The Flash. Read More »

Cyborg Movie

After a lengthy inquiry following Justice League actor Ray Fisher‘s allegations of on-set misconduct, WarnerMedia has concluded the investigation with “remedial action” taken. This brings an end to the five-month back-and-forth between the star and Warner Bros., after Fisher accused director Joss Whedon of on-set abuse. Read More »

Joss Whedon Leaving The Nevers

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly have been excited for creator Joss Whedon to return to the small screen with HBO’s new series The Nevers. An original sci-fi project following people in Victorian-era London who develop superpowers, the series is slated to premiere in the summer of 2021. But while we wait to see the first episode of the show, Whedon has already decided to take a step back from the series. Read the full statement from the director below. Read More »

the nevers

Joss Whedon‘s return to the small screen — and his old stomping grounds of supernaturally gifted female leads saving the world — was already exciting enough. But now, The Nevers cast member Nick Frost is adding more fuel to the hype train. Frost teased that The Nevers is a “complicated and fresh” sci-fi series that befits Whedon’s promise that this show could be the “most ambitious narrative” of his entire career thus far.

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Justice League investigation

Who could have imagined that a Justice League movie would still be generating this many headlines three years after its release?

The film, which has for years been the center of a loud conversation about Zack Snyder‘s “Snyder Cut,” is now also the subject of a retroactive investigation by WarnerMedia, the parent company of Warner Bros. and DC Comics. WarnerMedia is evidently investigating abuses of power made during the making of the movie – abuses which Cyborg actor Ray Fisher suggests were overlooked during the merger of Time Warner and AT&T. Read More »

Avengers: Endgame Concept Art - Giant Ants

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