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Director Mick Garris adapted Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic tome The Stand into a TV mini-series back in 1994, but now The New Mutants director (and noted King fanatic) Josh Boone has taken a crack at it for CBS All Access. The nine-episode limited series premieres on that platform this week, and we’ve rounded up some early reactions from critics who have seen the first several episodes. Read the highlights below to get a sense of whether this is a show you want to check out during this holiday season. Read More »

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Remember The New Mutants? It’s the X-Men spin-off that originated at Fox, got its release date pushed around a bunch of times, became a Disney movie after the Fox-Disney merger, and then finally found its way to theaters in the midst of a deadly pandemic. And now…it’s coming home. The New Mutants Blu-ray and VOD release is set for November, coming packaged with deleted scenes and other special features for your viewing pleasure.

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(Note: This critic is working outside the United States and was able to see this movie in an environment that’s safer than a typical American theater. Considering the way the U.S. has handled the coronavirus pandemic and the dangers it still presents, /Film cannot endorse Americans returning to movie theaters at this time.)

It may be impossible to ever fully extricate the metatextual machinations surrounding Josh Boone’s film The New Mutants from the movie itself. Shot in New England back in 2017, the film’s gestation was prolonged when its studio, 20th Century Fox, was purchased by Disney. The complicated connection between the previous Fox X-Men series and how this could potentially fit in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe is ripe for another article, but suffice it to say this film’s new studio wasn’t in a huge rush to wrap up the old stuff before moving onto the new. With its release date delayed until the spring of 2020, it looked like a fine time to bid goodbye to the old way of doing mutant tales – only to have a global pandemic push the release back even further.

So, we’re left with this strange film, an event movie that’s being quietly released in various markets where screenings can take place under socially distanced circumstances, making the whole thing feel a bit surreal, spooky, and medicalized. Fitting, then, that this Breakfast Club meets Girl, Interrupted genre piece works far better as a plucky film with significantly lowered expectations rather than some bombastic blockbuster that an onslaught of marketing may have set it up to be. Read More »

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It’s time for one of my favorite things in this business we call show: the troubled movie post-mortem! Often, whenever there’s a high-profile film that has a messy production history, the release of said film comes accompanied by a break-down of “what went wrong.” It happened with Suicide Squad. It happened with The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. And now it’s happening with The New Mutants. The Josh Boone-directed X-Men spin-off has had its release date shuffled around more times than we can count, and as the movie finally opens in select theaters this weekend, stories are starting to flood in about what went on behind-the-scenes.

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Unlike other X-Men movies, which tend to take place all over the world (and sometimes in space), The New Mutants is mostly confined to a single location: a psychiatric hospital where a crew of young mutants are being held. Considering the film’s horror tone, that’s certainly appropriate. Creepy hospitals are as common in horror films as bladed weapons and scary masks.

In a recent interview, director Josh Boone told us about the decision to set his X-Men film in one creepy location and how the choice was informed by a couple of classic movies.

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Any film franchise that goes on as long as Fox’s X-Men movies is going to encounter some speed bumps. And perhaps some giant, vehicle-consuming holes in the road. While X-Men: Apocalypse wasn’t a financial disaster (it made a solid half a billion dollars worldwide), the film was a creative flop of the highest order, earning scorn from critics and casual audiences alike. The film’s mind-numbing tone and generic plot were especially jarring considering what Logan and Deadpool were doing with the franchise at that same point.

And it turns out that the reaction to Apocalypse had ramifications for The New Mutants, forcing co-writer and director Josh Boone to make some significant changes to the story.

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New Mutants Reshoots

The upcoming release of The New Mutants has been, in many ways, overshadowed by its tortured road to release. The X-Men horror film directed by Josh Boone was supposed to open in early 2018, but rumored reshoots and then the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney derailed that in a major way. Now, the film is finally on the cusp of release, and even after a delay of several years, Boone confirmed to us in a recent interview that the version we will get to see is that one he originally set out to make, with no major changes. And no, they never got around to those reshoots.

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Director Josh Boone loves Stephen King. In addition to giving the prolific horror author a small role in his first film, Stuck in Love, Boone has dedicated the past half decade to adapting King’s work. One of those adaptations, a film version of the novel Revival, didn’t come together. But the other, an adaptation of King’s massive The Stand, will be a 10-episode miniseries on CBS All Access.

We recently spoke to Boone about his upcoming X-Men film The New Mutants, but he also supplied us with updates on The Stand and told us what went down with Revival. Constant readers of King will be happy to know that Boone describes his touchstones for the Stand miniseries as being both Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone, a combination that, somehow, feels just about right.

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Back when The New Mutants was in production, it was part of an ambitious slate of X-Men movies that were pushing the franchise in bold new directions. Deadpool was a self-aware comedy. Logan was an R-rated drama for adults. And director Josh Boone‘s tale of young mutants being held in a psychiatric hospital was a horror film.

As you probably know, The New Mutants was delayed several years due to Disney buying 20th Century Fox and effectively hitting stop on all X-Men projects. This means the new film is the end of the line for the original X-Men franchise (the characters will be rebooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course). However, that doesn’t mean Boone wasn’t thinking ahead. The filmmaker had envisioned a trilogy of X-Men horror films, with each one tackling a different subgenre through a comic book lens.

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