The Binge trailer

You probably know the premise of Blumhouse’s The Purge films even if you haven’t seen the movies: the United States is a peaceful country with no crime to speak of – but once a year, all crime (including murder) becomes legal for everyone. Now a new Hulu comedy film called The Binge is taking a similar idea, but swapping out crime for drugs and alcohol. Throw in a classic high school party subplot courtesy of Can’t Hardly Wait, toss in a dash of Vince Vaughn, and you’ve got a movie on your hands. Check out the first trailer below. Read More »

Cocaine Hippos

I don’t know about you, but when I see the words “cocaine” and “hippos” next to each other, I pay attention. And when the context is that a major company is developing a movie called Cocaine Hippos, I perk up even more. So Netflix certainly has my attention with its new upcoming comedy, which, oddly enough, is based on a true story.
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