cruel intentions musical

The death of the Cruel Intentions television show was recently confirmed, but on the bright side, the musical based on the 1999 film is carrying on and heading to New York City. Lindsey Rosin and Jordan Ross Cruel Intentions musical was first performed two years ago at Los Angeles’ Rockwell Table & Stage, but East Coasters will finally get a chance to see the parody at (Le) Poisson Rouge.

Below, learn more about the Cruel Intentions musical.

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The ‘Cruel Intentions’ TV Series is Dead

Cruel Intentions TV Series

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the Cruel Intentions TV series, devouring every piece of information you can find about the TV sequel to the 1999 film, then the news of the show’s death may not come as such a shock. Last month NBC dropped the series, unable to find a good spot for it in their busy schedule. There was mention of the series finding a new home, but the show’s demise is now confirmed.

Below, learn more about the Cruel Intentions television show.

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Cruel Intentions

In retrospect, the return of Cruel Intentions seems as predictable as the plot of Cruel Intentions itself. Everything else we loved in the ’90s is getting resurrected, so of course we should’ve known that’d include this salacious 1999 teen drama. To be more specific, NBC is the one bringing Cruel Intentions back, as a TV series that’ll serve as a sequel to the original movie. So… how does that work, exactly? Find out after the jump. Read More »