The Matrix 4 Cinematographer John Toll

The surprise news of a fourth installment of The Matrix franchise was only just revealed earlier this week, seemingly timed to the 20th anniversary of the original movie’s release. But it sounds like this project has been in the works for awhile, because some key crew members are already being recruited for the production.

Hot on the heels of The Matrix‘s original concept artists returning for the new sequel, we have word that The Matrix 4 has hired cinematographer John Toll (above left), who won back-to-back Oscars for his work on Legends of the Fall in 1994 and Braveheart in 1995. Read More »


Here’s a feature-length documentary on the art of cinematography — one of many such films, but this particular one does feature the participation of dozens of cinematographers. Actually, more than “dozens” — Jon Fauer‘s Cinematographer Style features interviews with over one hundred shooters. They include, but are hardly limited to Roger Deakins, László Kovács, Vittorio Storaro, Gordon Willis, Matthew Libatique, Bill Pope, Newton Thomas Sigel, Dante Spinotti, and John Toll.

A week ago I watched the beginning of the film and was put off — ironically, this film devoted to cinematography is hampered at the beginning by a too-literal and sometimes haphazard edit. But scan forward a bit to where the detailed talk of technique begins, and you’ll find a rich trove of material learned by years of experience on some of the most significant films. For anyone interested in how films are made — and not just how, but why — this is a great feature. Read More »

Iron Man 3 has been shooting for a little bit now, but Marvel just sent out the ‘start of production’ press release to make it official. Often there’s not much to pay attention to in these releases beyond the confirmation of a few cast rumors, but this time we’ve got a photo of the shoot. You can see the production’s temp logo on the slate, and the full array of Iron Man armors to date as (presumably) Robert Downey, Jr. surveys them.

There’s not much else new in the press release, but through it we do learn that John Toll (Cloud Atlas, Tropic Thunder, Braveheart) is shooting the film for director Shane Black. He takes over for Matthew Libatique, who shot the previous two installments for Jon Favreau. Check out the full shot below. Read More »