‘Down and Dangerous’ Trailer

There are many marketing hooks for features, especially in the indie realm. Unusual funding has always been an attention-getter, and the¬†crime film Down & Dangerous is trading on that currency. Zak Forsman wrote and directed the movie, inspired in part by his father’s ’70s activities as a cocaine smuggler. Er, what?

The filmmaker’s father’s dealing days are chronicled in a book called Snowblind, and Forsman used that book as inspiration for the script. He used Kickstarter to crowd-fund much of the production, and now we’ve got a trailer to show off the result.

Frankly, I don’t care much about the backstory; the only thing that really matters is whether or not the film is any good. There are a few posible indie pitfalls here (such as the low-key delivery, which may go too far into detachment) , but there’s also some good energy. Read More »