Who hasn’t sat in a classroom with their notebook open, doodling away with a pen, dreaming they could one day sell those drawings as art? Comic book artist Jim Rugg has gone ahead and made that dream a reality. The artist behind indie titlesĀ Street Angel and Afrodisiac has an upcoming art show in Los Angeles featuring nothing but ballpoint drawings on spiral notebook paper. However, from that image above, you can tell these aren’t your typical notebook doodles. They’re beautiful pieces of one-of-a-kind art, many of which are pop culture themed.

After the jump, we’re proud to exclusively reveal several movie related pieces from Notebook Nerd, which open May 25 at iAm8Bit. There are pieces from Drive, Total Recall, Pulp Fiction, Bad Lieutenant, Friday the 13th, Sexy Beast and others. Check them out. Read More »