Zac Efron / Brian Michael Bendis' Fire

Zac Efron is finally going to get his shot at comic book heroism, thanks to Jesse Wigutow. Universal Pictures has just tapped the Tron 3 scribe to pen Fire, which Efron has been attached to produce and star in since 2010. It’s an adaptation of the 1993 miniseries of the same title by Brian Michael Bendis, and sounds more Bourne than Spider-Man. Hit the jump for the latest details on the project.

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Luke Evans in Talks to Play ‘The Crow’


Relativity Media’s reboot of The Crow has been a long time coming. Back in 2009 Stephen Norrington (Blade) was writing and set to direct. Nick Cave eventually rewrote the script, and Mark Wahlberg might have starred. But Norrington moved on, and thus began a cycle of new directors and actors being linked to the project. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo almost made the movie with Bradley Cooper starring, and then F. Javier Gutiérrez signed to direct, with Jesse Wigutow writing.

Actors from James McAvoy to Tom Hiddleston have been linked to the lead role since, but now we have a definitive choice to play murdered musician Eric Draven, who is brought back to Earth to avenge his death, and the murder of his fiancé. No, really. This one is going to happen. Read More »

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. “If the idea is good enough, we’ll do it.” It’s the tried and true response from Hollywood filmmakers when asked about a potential sequel to a popular film and the implications are two fold. First, it implies the first film was made without an idea for a sequel, which is probably why it was good in the first place. Second, it means they have no idea what that sequel could be.

In the case of Tron 3, which is the title we’re using for the sequel to Tron: Legacy, there is an idea. Screenwriter Jesse Wigutow is writing it and star Garret Hedlund is expecting to come back. If that happens, he’ll return under the eye of Legacy director Joseph Kosinski. Kosinski, the director of the upcoming Tom Cruise film Oblivion, recently spoke about the idea for Tron 3 and said “it would have to be our Empire Strikes Back for me to come back and for me to pull the whole team back together. I think we do have that idea.” What could that idea be? He didn’t say, but he hinted at a few things and we can speculate together after the jump. Read More »

Disney’s high hopes for Tron: Legacy weren’t quite realized when the film opened in 2010. The sci-fi sequel earned just $172 million domestically, which doesn’t sound so impressive when you realize it had a production budget of $170 million. Still, it ultimately managed to draw $400 million worldwide — enough to get the studio moving, albeit not very quickly, on another installment.

Now, two years later, the project finally seems to be picking up some momentum. Jesse Wigutow has just been hired to write the script, taking over for David DiGilio (Eight Below). Joseph Kosinski is still attached to direct. More after the jump.

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Ever since filmmaker Gary Ross left the Hunger Games franchise this past spring, the question’s been what he might do next. That film’s $684 million global take left Ross with no shortage of possibilities, and over the past few months he’s flirted with a number of them. Now, at long last, he’s committed to his next directorial effort. Ross is set to helm Peter and the Starcatchers, a Peter Pan prequel based on Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson‘s series of books. Read more after the jump.

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After making the decision to leave Panem behind this past spring, director Gary Ross could be heading next to Never Never Land. The filmmaker is in talks to direct Peter and the Starcatchers, a Peter Pan prequel based on the novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson.

Disney optioned the book all the way back in 2005 with the intention of turning it into a 3D CG feature, but wound up adapting it into a Tony-winning stage musical first. With fairy tale retellings now the hottest thing in Hollywood, however, the studio’s giving it another shot. More details after the jump.

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With the pieces for one fairy tale origin story falling into place, Disney’s taking a step toward getting another underway. Last spring, Disney chief Bob Iger revealed that his studio was looking into a film adaptation of Peter and the Starcatchers, a 2004 Peter Pan prequel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Now they’ve taken the first real step in that direction, by hiring Jesse Wigutow to pen the script. More details after the jump.

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Brian Kirk in Talks to Direct ‘The Osterman Weekend’

The other way to write the headline for this story would be “Game of Thrones Director to Remake Sam Peckinpah Film.” But even the most ardent Peckinpah fan — and I’m pretty damn ardent — isn’t going to yell very loud to claim Peckinpah’s adaptation of the novel by Robert Ludlum as one of the director’s fairer works.

In fact, if there’s a Peckinpah film that begs for a remake it might be this one. The director was unhealthy and nearly outcast from the film industry when he was hired to give the original production some action cred. But he hated the script (so did the screenwriter, supposedly) and wanted to rewrite it. After the producers forbade that, Peckinpah made the movie but delivered a cut that test audiences and the producers detested. He was fired, the movie was re-cut without him, and the result is nothing that anyone is too eager to highlight on their resume.

So now Brian Kirk, the Game of Thrones director who was originally tapped to direct Thor 2 for Marvel, is in talks to direct a new version of the story about a guy who is told that his friends are actually enemy spies. Read More »

Now that Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company have resolved their legal dispute over the remake of Alex ProyasThe Crow, it looks like the companies aren’t wasting any time getting the ball rolling. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s resolution  announcement comes news that F. Javier Gutiérrez has been tapped to helm the project, while Jesse Wigutow is on the verge of closing a deal to write the script. More details after the jump.

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