Robert Rodriguez and Nimród Antal directing Predators

On July 1st, I got a chance to participate in a roundtable interview with writer/producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimród Antal about their upcoming Predator sequel Predators.

I’m really excited about this film, and hope people get a chance to see it in theaters. I feel like I haven’t really seen a lot of marketing for the film, and most of my friends didn’t even know its being released this Friday (although I’ve been told they are doing a heavy push of television advertisements during sports programing. Predators is a return to form for the series, which in recent years has suffered a not-so-good sequel, and two crappy Alien vs. Predator films. It’s not a great movie, but has a kick-ass opening 30 minutes and is definitely better than I think most will be expecting (to be fair, I wasn’t expecting anything at all).

You can read the transcript from the roundtable/press conference interview after the jump.

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In December of last year, we got word that the Andy and Lana Wachowski were putting together a film “about the Iraq War, from the perspective of the future.” The source was a set of comments and photos from Arianna Huffington, who seemed to be taking part in a shoot related to the project. At the time, we heard that she was involved in test shoots to help their next project take shape.

Now there’s word that the Wachowskis are sending around a script that does cover the Iraq War, to some extent, but from a rather different angle. Read More »


You might recall that late last year, Arianna Huffington (co-founder of the liberal news website The Huffington Post) published a few tweets claiming that she was shooting a part in a secret Wachowskis Brothers film, a movie about the Iraq War, from the perspective of the future. We wouldn’t have believed it but Huffington posted photos from the set, one of which features Any Wachowski and Wachowski brother turned sister Lana Wachowski. Was it possible that the Wachowskis have actually sneaked their next film into production without anyone noticing? Or is this just part of a short film, commercial, or test footage for a potential future project? No one had any idea, and nothing more has been learned about the project until today.

Appearing on Tuesday’s episode of the Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM Satellite radio, the professional wrestler turned actor turned governor Jesse Ventura dropped word that he just got done filming a movie for the Wachowskis. When asked if he missed acting and would ever consider returning to the big screen, Ventura dropped the bomb shell:

“I just did one with the Wachowski brothers…”

And if you think this is strange, it gets a lot stranger. More details follow below.

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