reboot The Grudge

The Grudge has been around for a good while. It’s nearly at the fifteen-year anniversary mark. (If you count the very first short installment, actually, we’ve passed that milestone.) So now it’s evidently time to reboot The Grudge in the US.

Well before producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert recruited Takashi Shimizu to direct the first American Grudge installment, there were four in Japan. Shimizu directed all: two Ju-on films for television and two theatrical versions. (The first theatrical one was loosely remade as the first US film.)

Then there are additional sequels, a video game, and novel and manga adaptations. There are the two American films, also directed by Shimizu, and a little-seen third US film released in 2009. The series remains popular, so naturally efforts are now afoot to re-do the series for American audiences.

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‘Jacob’s Ladder’ Remake in the Works


Figuring out how to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder is nothing new, but it seems like the United States is on the cusp of really figuring out how to deal with PTSD as soldiers return from war in Iraq and Afghanistan. With that in mind, a remake of Adrian Lyne’s psychological horror film Jacob’s Ladder seems to be right on time.

The film is without a director at this point, but “something more akin to an homage” to the original is being planned now, with a new script commissioned for producers Michael Gaeta and Alison Rosenzweig (who were behind the Fright Night remake). Read More »