Jedi GoPro Video

Over the course of six Star Wars saga films (seven if you include The Clone Wars), we’ve seen plenty of lightsaber action. In fact, it might have gotten a little overwhelming in the prequels as we jumped to the double-bladed lightsaber from Darth Maul and the four lightsabers wielded by General Grievous.

But outside the realm of video games, we’ve never been able to experience the action of a Jedi in first-person. But that changes today with YouTube user Bill Parker‘s creative video of a Jedi strapping a GoPro camera to his person before taking on some Stormtroopers, and other minions of the Empire, stationed in the desert. It’s a pretty well-done little video that looks like a live-action video game.

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Obi Wan with Hood

As if it wasn’t already hard enough out there for Jedis (what with having to contend with the universe’s most evil forces imaginable), now they’ve got to worry about getting harassed by supermarket employees. According to the Guardian (via Reddit) 23-year old Daniel Jones, who founded the Church of Jediism in England, was trying to buy something for lunch from a Tesco Supermarket in Wales when he was told to either remove his hood or leave the premises. Hit the jump for some more details and for Tesco’s amazing response.
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