Snyder Cut Joker

Another day, another story about the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League! The film that was once thought to be lost forever is slowly being cobbled together by Snyder, and not only is the filmmaker employing his unused footage to finish his cut, he’s also doing reshoots. It was previously announced that several cast members, including Ben Affleck as Batman, would be back for reshoots. Now, a surprising new addition has been revealed: Jared Leto. Leto’s Joker (you know, the one with DAMAGED tattooed on his forehead) will be part of the reshoots to appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Gucci Cast

Ridley Scott‘s Gucci now has itself an incredible cast, and also Jared Leto.

Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Jack Huston, and Reeve Carney are all in talks to join the film, which already has Lady Gaga on board as Patrizia Reggiani, who tried to orchestrate the assassination of her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, one-time head of the Gucci fashion house.

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tron 3 title

It seems like the long-discussed Tron sequel is finally kicking back into gear, with Lion director Garth Davis set to helm the outing headlined by Jared Leto. And while there have been reports over the years of work being done on Tron 3, that chatter eventually fizzled out. But here’s a sign that this Tron sequel might be the real deal: it already has a title. Leto, in his excitement to confirm his casting in the Disney sci-fi film, may have accidentally revealed the Tron 3 title over social media.

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tron sequel new

Ten years after Tron: Legacy and 38 years after the first Tron, Disney appears ready to make yet another Tron movie. Garth Davis (Lion) is set to helm the new Tron sequel and Jared Leto will star, and while this will no doubt excite fans who have been clamoring for another Tron flick, I have to ask: are these two choices really the best Disney could do here?

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morbius trailer

Jared Leto is not joking around with Morbius. The Suicide Squad actor is totally fine with Joker‘s leading Oscar nominations this morning because he has an official trailer for the Sony comic book movie in which he stars as a living vampire. The next film in Sony’s Spider-Man-adjacent universe (after Venom), Morbius follows a scientist who accidentally turns himself into a vampire. Watch the Morbius trailer below.

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Joker may end up taking the #3 spot at on the box office charts this weekend, but it stayed at the top for two weeks before that, and it’s already raked in over $619.5 million worldwide. People can’t stop talking about Todd Phillips‘ grimy, twisted origin story for Batman’s arch nemesis, for better or worse, and the awards buzz for the DC Comics movie is high. But if Suicide Squad star Jared Leto had his way, no one would have seen the movie at all.

Reportedly, when news broke of a Joker origin story in the works from Todd Phillips at Warner Bros. Pictures, Jared Leto tried to stop the movie from getting made. Not only did he ask his agents at Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to stop the movie before it ever got off the ground (his agents just so happened to represent Phillips too), but he even went so far as to ask his 30 Seconds to Mars music manager Irving Azoff at Full Stop Management to call the head of TimeWarner/Warner Media and pull the plug on the movie. Read More »

the little things cast

In his ongoing quest to play nothing but creeps, Jared Leto is going from the Joker and Morbius the Living Vampire to playing a serial killer. The actor is in talks to join The Little Things cast, which stars Denzel Washington and Rami Malek as cops trying to catch a killer. John Lee Hancock (The Highwaymen) is set to direct.

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A Day in the Life of America Review

Actor Jared Leto‘s directorial debut, playing the Tribeca Film Festival, is spun from constructive intentions, but I had a hard time buying into its purported positivity. Leto posited that he hoped this documentary, A Day in the Life of America, would be seen as a time capsule years later. I suspect that decades later–hopefully when the nation is recovering from the long-term damage of the Trump administration–I would still see this film with stirring stories sullied by its overall skewered positivity. Read More »

morbius movie image

There’s a chance former Joker Jared Leto saw all the coverage Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie was getting this week, and felt a little left out. Not to be upstaged, the actor took to Twitter to drop a new official look at his new anti-hero film Morbius. It’s…not very exciting. The image shows Leto in character, I guess, but all it appears to be is the actor standing in a crowd wearing a hoodie. Oh, and it’s a gif, too. So it has that going for it.

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Morbius cast matt smith

We just got our first look at Jared Leto‘s Morbius, and now we’re learning even more about the movie. In addition to the recent addition of Jared Harris, we now know the Morbius cast also includes Adria Arjona and Tyrese Gibson. And that’s not all! We also have confirmation on which characters the actors are playing, including the previously cast Matt Smith. So keep reading for all the Morbius cast info you can stand, dear reader.

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