An unnamed stunt man working on the 22nd James Bond film and the second starring Daniel Craig, Quantum of Solace, is in critical condition at a hospital in Italy after the vehicle he was driving, an Alfa Romeo 159, crashed during filming. This Is London posted a few scary photos from the aforementioned crash and another recent haywire vehicle stunt with an Aston Martin, the latter of which we’ve included here (click to pop). This marks the third such incident, and most major, on the film thus far, leading some of the Italian production crew to speak of a curse. What’s more, it’s unknown whether the scene with the Alfa Romeo will be reshot or scrapped altogether. Producers are purportedly discussing the situation.

While this isn’t a typical Slashfilm item, there’s no harm in recognizing the risk by industry stunt people that goes into making such complex action movies. More on the stunt driver’s condition as it develops.

James Bond 22: Quantum of Solace Teaser Poster


Moviefone snagged the official teaser poster for Quantum of Solace, and I say mehhh. This poster takes advantage of the minimalism that’s so trendy right now, and so exquisitely exercised by Funny Games (this poster is mine, whether the remake sucks or not, do not care) and milks it until its literally dust. Playing it far too safe for a film that has more to prove, to me at least, than its predecessor, Casino Royale, I know what the defenders will say: Character is now iconic, yadda yadda, revenge, yadda, you must want a bikini yadda wadda. Of course, there’s a Scarface angle to the teaser that will earn a few shouts in the theater hall from people wearing silk pants. …Which is nice.

Update: It also reminds me of certain images from Lee Marvin’s Prime Cut. Jus’ sayin’.

View the poster in size XL with an elastic waistband after the jump…

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Marc Forster to Direct James Bond 22

James Bond

Sony/MGM have hired Marc Forster (Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction) to direct the next James Bond film. It should be, but it’s not really a shock that Casino Royale director Martin Campbell is not returning. He’s publicly said he won’t be returning for James Bond 22, which is a shame since he did such an incredible job on the last one. Foster is also not much of a shock. His name was included on the short list which circulated the internet last month. Paul Haggis (Crash) is finishing up the script, with shooting scheduled to begin at London’s Pinewood Studios in December. Oh, and Daniel Craig is back as well – but we already knew that.