low tide trailer

What if The Goonies, but one of the spunky teen boys were actually psychotic? That’s the premise of Low Tide, the upcoming A24 thriller starring It star Jaeden Martell. Low Tide follows a group of teenage boys who, to pass the time during the long days of summer, break into vacation homes to steal valuables. But when two of them stumble upon a bag of gold coins of immeasurable value, that threatens to tear the group apart. Watch the Low Tide trailer below.

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Stephen King's It - Losers Club

There’s always been a caution about working with kids in show business, mostly because some of them can be difficult to work with due to their penchant for simply being kids. But there’s another challenge that comes with utilizing kids who are on the cusp of hitting puberty, especially if you have a franchise of films, and that’s growing up. In the case of It Chapter 2, director Andy Muschietti confirmed that the Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema reserved money in the sequel’s budget to to ensure the kids looked exactly as young as they did in the first movie. Read More »


it chapter two trailer

Get ready to return home to Derry, Maine with the It Chapter Two trailer. The members of The Losers’ Club are all grown up, but they can’t escape their childhood fears. With It Chapter Two, director Andy Muschietti completes his adaptation of Stephen King‘s tome of terror that started with 2017’s surprise blockbuster It. Unlike most King movie sequels, It Chapter Two is actually still working with the author’s source material, with the scripts for this film, and 2017’s It, splitting up the lengthy text of the book. Watch the It Chapter Two trailer below.

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