Sometime around 2007, Juno BFFs Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby signed themselves up to reunite as teenage lesbian werewolves on Bradley Rust Gray‘s Jack & Diane. Funding fell through, however, and after years of delays, both actresses quietly dropped out of the project. Page was then replaced by Alison Pill, who in turn was replaced by Juno Temple, while Thirlby’s part was recast with Riley Keough.

This year, Gray’s completed Jack & Diane finally made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival. And while much about the film is tough to understand, what’s clear is that Page and Thirlby have dodged a bullet by leaving the project early on.

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Jack And Diane

We’ve been covering the development of Jack & Diane for over four years now. This predates the whole Twilight craze, and predates the breakout success of Juno. Bradley Rust Gray’s film is about two teenage lesbians, originally set to be played by Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby.

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Once upon a time, the reunion of Juno playpals Ellen Page and Olivia Thirlby was set to be the werewolf romance Jack & Diane. Unfortunately, the filmmakers had difficulty getting the film going and, the last we heard about it, the project was delayed. At that point, Page said:

It’s a drag that we, as of yet, haven’t filmed it. But it will happen.

And indeed, it appears that it will – though, and rather sadly perhaps, without Ms. Page. According to the film’s official website (found via After Ellen), the project is still “in development”, though now Ellen is out, and Alison Pill is in, while Olivia Thirlby’s involvement remains unchanged. Further corroborating this report, Paste also filed on the film today:

[Director Bradley Rust] Gray is busy on Jack and Diane, a picture about two teenage girls who fall in love (expressed partially through a monstrous creature, earning it the early tag “the lesbian werewolf movie”). The film will have a special-effects budget and animation, a first for Gray. “It’s going to be gross and scary,” he says.

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