Anything After

Here’s a story about some evolution and devolution of movie technology. On the one hand, there’s are now Apps for your phone that will tell you whether or not you need to stay after the credits in the film. It’s a fun reaction to Hollywood’s trend of adding new, pertinent information after the credits are rolling.

On the other hand, iTunes Movie Trailers, run by Apple, has taken away the option to both download their files and stream video in 1080p. This is likely a reaction to pirating of exclusive content. Read More »

Apple Releases iTunes Movies Trailers App for iOS

Last week was a horrible one for Apple, but this week the company is making news for much more positive reasons. The new iteration of the iPhone, the 4S, releases on Friday, and the company’s new mobile operating system, iOS 5, hit today. Along with that new system software comes a number of new apps.

The most movie-friendly app by far is a surprise release: a dedicated iTunes movie trailers app. This isn’t just a framework for presenting Apple’s trailer content, however. The app is making a run at Flixter’s cross-platform Movies app, by offering a handy release calendar and means to check local theaters for tickets. Get more details below. Read More »