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For the first time ever, someone other than Steven Spielberg is directing an Indiana Jones movie. Spielberg was initially on board to direct Harrison Ford in his final outing as the adventuring archeologist in Indiana Jones 5. But the project kept getting delayed and pushed back due to script rewrites and other issues, and Spielberg decided to hand the sequel over to someone unexpected – James Mangold, director of Logan, Ford v Ferrari, and more. While the release of Indiana Jones 5 is still a few years away, Mangold is opening up about his new approach to this iconic property.

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Indiana Jones 5 Starts Shooting

Indiana Jones 5 feels like one of those movies we’ve been hearing about for over a decade now, but it never seems like it’s actually going to happen. Harrison Ford going to be nearly 80 by the time the movie gets in front of cameras and the coronavirus pandemic is probably going to make it much more difficult to get a blockbuster of that scale off the ground anytime soon. But franchise producer Frank Marshall doesn’t appear to be worried about the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, especially with director James Mangold taking over the reins from Steven SpielbergRead More »

Indiana Jones and The Mandalorian Prints

Bottleneck Gallery is back with a new batch of collectible prints to cover your walls with some gorgeous pop culture art. This time, they’ve got artist Hugh Fleming delivering a golden adventure in the form of a new Indiana Jones print for Raiders of the Lost Ark. And for those who might prefer their action and adventure in space, Tom Walker has created a trio of The Mandalorian prints featuring the bounty hunter and some of his allies, each with a different color scheme. See them all below. Read More »

VFX Artists React to Indiana Jones 4

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, the visual effects artists at Corridor Crew take a look at the question work done during a chase sequence from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Plus, find out how Kingsman: The Secret Service compares to the comic book on which the movie is based, and take a retrospective look back at the Earthworm Jim animated series inspired by the video game. Read More »

indiana jones adventure

As we embark upon a new decade, the concept of what “Disney” is will likely change on a wider scale than ever before. What does Disney mean to you? In the previous century, Disney might have meant family films, animation, or something friendly and comforting. Now, Disney could mean the action-heavy fare of Marvel, or the science-fiction worlds of Avatar or Star Wars, or the irreverent and adult comedy of The Simpsons, or the technologically daring storytelling of Pixar. Disney is as much a repository for a wide and varied group of intellectual properties in 2020, something that seemed next to impossible just a couple decades ago. The shift didn’t start in the Disney theme parks, with an attraction such as Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland. Yet that inclusion to the original Disney theme park, the only park Walt ever walked through, did represent a major step forward for both a theme park and a company in its ever-shifting creative priorities.

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Indiana Jones 5 Starts Shooting

Next week, you’ll be able to see Harrison Ford fight the elements with a very good dog named Buck in an adaptation of the Call of the Wild, the classic novel by Jack London. But it won’t be long until he’s getting back into more familiar adventure mode with his trusty whip and fedora in Indiana Jones 5. While making the press rounds for Call of the Wild, Ford confirmed the Indiana Jones sequel starts shooting in a couple months. Find out what else he said about Indy’s return below. Read More »

Star Wars Origins trailer

What would happen if archeologists in a serial-inspired adventure stumbled across alien artifacts? No, I’m not asking you to recount the plot of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but instead presenting the premise of Star Wars: Origins, an upcoming fan film shot in the Sahara desert which blends the worlds of two of Lucasfilm’s biggest intellectual properties: Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Check out the trailer below, and let the countdown begin for Disney actually implementing their own version of this concept. Read More »

In the latest edition of Ordinary Adventures, Peter & Kitra return to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland Resort to investigate a new mystery… a mysterious artifact in Dok Ondar’s Den of Antiquities has gone missing.

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Indiana Jones 5 writer

It’s been a long road of development for Indiana Jones 5 so far. The project was first officially announced early in 2017, and at the time it was slated for release in the summer of 2019. Obviously that didn’t happen, and now the movie is slated for release in July 9, 2021. But before that’s even possible, there needs to be a script, and it doesn’t seem like anyone can settle on what the story should be.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull writer David Koepp was the first scribe brought on board to take a crack at Indiana Jones 5. Since then, the sequel has changed hands just as much as the Ark of the Covenant, but now Koepp himself has confirmed that he’s working on the script again. What is going on here?! Read More »

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a quiet place writers

Last year, A Quiet Place became a sleeper sensation, launching director John Krasinski’s star sky-high and earning raves for its taut, compelling script. Screenwriters Bryan Woods and Scott Beck became a hot commodity in Hollywood, opening all sorts of doors for the duo. And, Woods and Beck recently revealed, one of those doors led to Lucasfilm. The A Quiet Place writers confirmed that in the wake of the smash success of the 2018 horror film, they met with Lucasfilm to talk about two of the studio’s biggest properties: Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

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