Okay, so the headline might be just a little bit deceiving. Disney is renaming the Disney-MGM Theme Park in Orlando to Disney’s Hollywood Studio. But the park will not just be renamed, but restructured into different lands (almost like how Universal handles Islands of Adventure). According to Jim Hill, there are plans to increase George Lucas’ presence in Disney’s Hollywood Studios into an entire George Lucas Land that will stretch from the Indiana Jones Outpost to the Tatooine Traders.

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IndianaJones.com has been updated with a new video diary “Reuniting The Family”. Director Steven Spielberg, Producers George Lucas, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, and star Harrison Ford talk about coming back for a fourth film. It seems like most of the interviews were done before production. The package is cut to clips from the first three films. So there is nothing really new to be found in this one, but it may be worth a watch. Check it out now at IndianaJones.com.


One of our scoopers just sent us the latest Motion Pictures Association of America Title Registration Report. Lucasfilm, Ltd has filed for six different titles for Indiana Jones 4. The proposed titles include:

  • Indiana Jones and the City of Gods
  • Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds
  • Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold
  • Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant

City of Gods has been long rumored to be the working title of the production. It also seems to be the best candidate of the bunch Destroyer of Worlds, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Fourth Corner of the Earth are way to corny for me. But hey, George Lucas was the same guy who named a movie Attack of the Clones and The Phantom Menace, so you never know.

It’s also worth noting that Paramount TV registered “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Death” in 1983. I wonder what they were planning?

According to the MPAA title report, the titles listed will be clear for registrants’ use by the close of business day Aug 24, 2007 if no protests have been lodged against them. I’ve never seen a report like this before, and find the process interesting. For example: Columbia Pictures is protesting Disney’s John Carter Of Mars title on the basis of their upcoming release John Hancock. Most of the entries on the protested titles section are like this. Usually one word in the title is the same of another project. Makes me wonder if any of these people win these seemingly unfounded title protests.

Indy 4For months George Lucas and Steven Spielberg promised that Sean Connery’s character (Dr. Henry Jones Sr.) was included in the script for Indiana Jones 4. So when the film went into production and Connery announced that he would not be back after-all, we cried fowl.

I hope Conner’s part was very small, for their sake. Because a major character rewrite this late in to development could ruin the entire film.

I mean, Lucas and crew couldn’t have completely delete Connery’s part out of the script without causing a major rift, right? Well, our friends at FilmIck are reporting that Abner Ravenwood was not even included in previous drafts. When Connery made his official exit from the project, you may recall they announced that John Hurt had been cast in the film. He will play the father of Karen Allen’s character. Well rumor has it that John Hurt’s character is basically a rewrite of the role that Sean Connery would have played if he had decided to return. Apparently the Indy screenwriters wrote the role for two characters in case Connery decided to stay at home.

Sounds like the typical Hollywood-type decision which usually ends up ruining a film.

The Real Indiana Jones Teaser Poster

Indiana Jones 4 PosterLucasFilm released yet another teaser poster for Indiana Jones 4 during the Star Wars panel at Comic-Con 2007. The new poster is the most official looking yet (as the one we posted a few days back was actually just a collage of Indy artwork from the first three films).The new poster features Indy’s signature hat and whip on top of a wooden crate that says Property of Dr. Jones”. What is inside the crate? Could it be the Ark? Could it be an alien? Guess we’ll find out on Memorial Day 2008. The gold seal on the bottom left corner of the poster says that it’s a comic-con exclusive teaser poster. So don’t expect to see this in your local movie theater lobby. Click on the poster to the right to enlarge.

Indiana Jones 4 Poster Revealed at Comic-Con

Indiana Jones 4 Movie PosterI was surprised to find that Paramount are handing out Indiana Jones 4 teaser posters on the show floor of Comic-Con 2007.

I grabbed one on my journey through the massively crowded and exhausting preview night. The new poster is a collage of past character paintings of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. The bottom reads Memorial Day 2008 in the classic Indy font we’ve grown to love. Click on the image to the right to enlarge.

Indiana Jones 4 Comic-Con Spy Photo

Indy 4 Comic Con displaySomeone just e-mailed us this photo. Apparently a spy snuck onto the show floor of Comic Con and captured this photo from (presumably) the Hasbro booth. It appears to be a miniature from this new film that is currently in production – Indiana Jones 4. Ever hear of it?

The working title of the film is Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods. Could this be part of that city? I’m sure we’ll find out more later this week at Comic-Con.

Paramount Pictures Comic-Con Details Revealed

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures has announced a detailed scheduling for the planned Thursday, July 26th 1:30pm Comic-Con panel. Here is the rundown thanks to ROS:

  • Transformers – taped message from Michael Bay
  • Hot Rod – Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone present
  • Stardust – Neil Gaiman present
  • Beowulf – Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary present
  • Sweeney Todd – mini poster reveal
  • Spiderwick Chronicles – Mark Waters, Holly Black, Phil Tippet and Tony Tetzelli present. Page to screen presentation.
  • Drillbit Taylor – taped message from Judd Apatow intro of new trailer
  • Iron Man – taped greeting and throw to Marvel panel on Saturday
  • Indiana Jones 4 – satellite from set
  • Star Trek 11 – JJ Abrams, Damon Lindeloff, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman

Looks like there will be some fun stuff is in store for those in attendance. I’m most looking forward to the Drillbit Taylor trailer, Indiana Jones 4 satallite segment, and the Star Trek presentation. I’m sure JJ will be forced to field a bunch of questions regarding Cloverfield, even though it’s not on the schedule. And before you ask, Paramount and Universal have set up a Saturday panel to focus on Iron Man and Incredible Hulk.

Indy 4

Earlier today we reported a rumor [via IESB] that Indiana Jones 4 star Shia LaBeouf had signed a contract which included options for three more Indiana Jones sequels. The rumor turns out to be false.

“That’s purely a rumor,” John Singh, Director of Publicity for Lucasfilm. Ltd told MTV News. “Idle chatter among Internet fans.”

So there you have it, rumor killed.

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Steven Spielberg is currently hard at work filming Indiana Jones 4. Could Indiana Jones 5, 6, and 7 be far behind? I kid you not. IESB is reporting that Shia LaBeouf, who plays Indy’s son in the fourth adventure, signed a contract which gives Paramount the option to bring LaBeouf back for three sequels.

I’m assuming that Paramount hopes to continue the franchise after star Harrison Ford retires from action. So is the studio hoping that Shia can carry on the franchise as Indiana Jones Jr? (And since it was revealed that Indiana Jones is actually a Jr., would that make Shia Indiana Jones The Third?) I love LaBeouf. He has never done me wrong in the past. I’m sure he’ll be perfect as the sidekick/son character in this film, but could he become the next Indy?

The site also reports that the City of Gods working title may actually be referring to the aliens (as gods). Let’s hope not.