Many people first discovered Jason Reitman in 2005 with his feature film debut Thank You For Smoking. And even more people discovered Jason with 2007’s little film that did, Juno, which was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and won Best Screenplay. But I first discovered Reitman in 2000, with a little short film called In God We Trust. It became one of my favorite short films of all time, please check it out below.

The Award winning short film follows Robert, who is killed by an on-coming SUV while standing in the middle of the street contemplating the motto on a quarter. In the waiting room of the afterlife, the desk clerk tells him that his combined life score is negative, and he is going to hell. When Robert somehow escapes back to earth, Gil and his colleagues must bring him back to the afterlife. Jason Reitman’s short film is about how the little things in life add up. Starring Richard Speight Jr. and Jeff Witzke. If you keep your eye out, you might even see a young Jason Reitman in a very small cameo as well. For years this short was on Atom Films, then one day it disappeared completely from the internet. No because of Juno’s success it has returned.