On Chesil Beach Review

A novel is a novel, and a movie is a movie. A novel can be turned into a movie, but to do so successfully, it must surrender certain properties of the page to better suit the screen. This seems obvious, but it bears repeating because this common sense seemed to escape Ian McEwan when adapting his own novella On Chesil Beach for the cinema. By keeping a literary structure intact, the film is dead on arrival. Read More »

Back when MGM’s financial woes put plans for Bond 23 on indefinite hiatus, director Sam Mendes signed on to direct a quick feature titled On Chesil Beach, based on a 2007 novella by Atonement author Ian McEwan. But now that those Bond issues have worked themselves out, Mendes is hard at work on Skyfall, and On Chesil Beach has fallen into the hands of another filmmaker. Mike Newell is now attached to helm the picture, an intimate drama about a young couple on their wedding night. More details after the jump.

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Call this as you’d like — either it is a weird confluence of events, or a sign that the pieces are really coming together at MGM. We just reported on the story that Sam Mendes had taken himself off the director shortlist for The Hunger Games so that he might be free to shoot the new Bond movie in late summer or early fall 2011.

And now there’s a report, bolstered by an official statement, that his adaptation of Ian McEwan‘s novel On Chesil Beach has been postponed, which would free up Mendes for pre-production work on Bond 23 starting, well, any time now. Read More »


With Bond 23 indefinitely delayed, Sam Mendes has been looking for new projects. For a moment it looked like he might jump on to The Great and Powerful Oz, Disney’s new Oz movie that could star Robert Downey, Jr. (Think this year’s Alice in Wonderland plus Sherlock Holmes.)

But it looks like Mendes will cede Oz to another director — Adam Shankman or perhaps Timur Bekmambetov — in favor of two other projects to while away the days before Bond can move forward. One is a stage version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and the other is a film called On Chesil Beach, with Carey Mulligan as possible star. Read More »