WorldStarHipHop movie

Paramount Insurge, the micro-budget division of the big studio, is teaming with Russell Simmons and a host of other producers to make a WorldStarHipHop film. The movie will be loosely based on the site that does huge traffic numbers thanks to a steady parade of videos of fights, hip hop performances, and other phone-captured weirdness. (I saw a few people joking on Twitter that the film will be the first shot in portrait mode.) We don’t have many more details, but what we know is below.  Read More »

In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione Granger had so much work to do she used a device called a “Time Turner,” enabling her to be in multiple places at one time. It’s quite possible Mark Wahlberg has one of these devices. With the sheer amount of films he’s currently developing, a Time Turner seems as logical an explanation as any. By our count the Oscar-nominated, former leader of the Funky Bunch is currently working on, or is attached to, at least 10 films.

Throw another project on the top of the pile. Wahlberg just revealed that he’s developing a basketball film with music mega star Justin Bieber. Read his quotes and more about the film after the jump. Read More »