Parker may not have sated audiences’ desire for a dose of Jason Statham action, but the trailer for Hummingbird suggests it will be more able to deliver.  The film is the directorial debut of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things screenwriter Steven Knight, and it looks like Knight has corralled Statham’s typical action approach into something that might be a bit more memorable.

Statham plays a broken ex-military guy who steals another man’s identity and ultimately finds himself in a bad position with part of London’s criminal element. Sounds pretty routine, but the actor is barely recognizable at the outset of the trailer. He does quickly ease into a more familiar sort of character, but there’s just enough here to think that Hummingbird might be a bit more satisfying than some of Statham’s routine action exercises.

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Steve Knight made the leap from TV writer to big-time screenwriter with Dirty Pretty Things — an Oscar nomination helped — and then did well with Eastern Promises. His script for Wrath of the Titans is being shot right now, but he’s also got a directorial project brewing. Hummingbird is set up via Fox, New Regency and Shine Pictures, and has some of his Eastern Promises producers behind it. And if you were a fan of that film, Hummingbird may well have something to offer, too. Read More »