How To With John Wilson

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The ShowHow To With John Wilson

Where You Can Stream It: HBO Max

The Pitch: Independent filmmaker John Wilson takes his camera all over New York City and beyond in an attempt to “teach” the audience one thing per episode. (One episode is called “How to Make Small Talk”; another is about the best way to split the check at a restaurant during a group meal.)

Why It’s Essential Viewing: I put “teach” in quotation marks because these are not the types of purely instructional video you might find on YouTube. Instead, through Wilson’s dry narration, observational humor, and clever editing, the episodes feel more like immersive trips into his New York City experiences, which inevitably spin out into unpredictable scenarios that you never would have imagined. Read More »

Nathan Fielder Hacking Emmy Nominations

Nathan Fielder brought us comedy gold in the Comedy Central series Nathan For You. The comedian bridged the world of comedy and reality makeover shows with a series that featured an awkward Fielder running a consulting firm aiming to help people looking to improve their own businesses. But the ideas Fielder often had were unconventional, questionable, and absolutely hilarious. Now Fielder will bring his unique brand of comedy with a new one-year overall deal at HBO, which includes a documentary series that feels like a kindred spirit to Nathan For You. Read More »