hong kong disneyland reopening

Here’s hoping second time’s the charm for Hong Kong Disneyland. Following two closures for coronavirus (COVID-19) control reasons, Hong Kong Disneyland is set to reopen this week — again. The Hong Kong Disneyland reopening has been set for this Friday and will operate five days per week.

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Hong Kong Disneyland closing

After reopening on June 18, Hong Kong Disneyland is shutting down again due to a new COVID-19 outbreak. The Hong Kong Disneyland Resort hotels, however, will remain open with an adjusted level of services. This is the latest setback for Disney – they had to delay reopening Disneyland in California, and they’re currently facing heavy scrutiny for reopening Disney World in Orlando, despite a huge spike in coronavirus cases in Florida over the last several days.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Reopening

Even though nearly two dozen states have recently seen a rise in coronavirus cases in the United States as the country attempts to reopen, countries overseas are having more luck containing the spread of the pandemic. Over the past week, Hong Kong has seen either one or zero cases daily, which is why Hong Kong Disneyland is preparing to reopen later this month on June 18. Read More »

hong kong disneyland re-opening

Hong Kong‘s theme parks are starting to grind back to life. The embattled city, which has endured sanctions from the ongoing U.S.-China trade war and which has been wracked with protests against the increasing influence of China’s government, is hoping to reboot its local economy with Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland re-opening, with the former opening as soon as this week.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp ride videos

Earlier this year, we saw some official footage from a new Marvel-themed attraction called Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle! in Hong Kong Disneyland. But now that the attraction has opened its doors to the public, several Ant-Man and the Wasp ride videos have popped up that give us a closer look. Check them out below. Read More »

marvel theme park details

The Avengers Initiative is spreading from movie theaters into the real world, and soon fans will be able to interact with their favorite cinematic and comic book superheroes in Disney theme parks across the globe. The studio has confirmed several details about its Marvel theme park characters, and below you can find a breakdown of which characters are getting specialized rides or attractions at each Disney park.
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Ant-Man ride

The Walt Disney Company is used to dealing with stunning successes, but so far, the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park has been something of a disappointment. The park’s attendance numbers aren’t as high as Disney execs would like, so in order to give the park a slight boost, they’re turning to some superheroes to help save the day.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Tomorrowland section is being transformed into a mini Marvel land with attractions based on the cinematic versions of Marvel comics characters. Now we have a new look at an Ant-Man ride that will feature stars Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly. Find out the name of the new attraction below, and watch a quick teaser with a few pieces of concept art and interviews with the stars.
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iron man experience ride footage

The theme park rights to the Marvel characters became pretty complicated when Disney acquired the comic book giant back in 2009. After all, Universal Studios already held those rights and were still making use of them in their Orlando-based Islands of Adventure park. The short version goes something like this: Disney parks east of the Mississippi couldn’t (and at the time of this writing, still can’t) utilize most of the Marvel superhero stable…but everywhere else? Well, let’s just say that we’ve been keeping our eye on the Iron Man Experience attraction at Hong Kong Disneyland for some time now.

And wouldn’t you know it? Shortly before this simulator ride is set to officially open, footage of the whole thing has arrived online for anyone hoping to take a quick peek at what to expect.

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hong kong disneyland frozen

After years of construction and billions of dollars ($3.7 billion, to be exact), Shanghai Disneyland opened earlier this year, and it’s already looking like a huge success. Now, the Walt Disney Company can actually shift its focus to its myriad of other parks, many of which have been crying out for a little TLC for some time now.

While Disney parks all over the world are getting new attractions over the next few years, it looks like Hong Kong Disneyland will be getting the most love, with new lands centered around Marvel superheroes and Frozen, a live show based on Moana, and a brand new central castle.

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Iron Man Experience

First announced in 2013, the Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland will be the first Marvel ride in any Disney theme park. At D23 today, Disney offered an exclusive never-before-seen look at the attraction, along with a host of brand-new details. Learn all about the Iron Man Experience after the jump. Read More »