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Say what you will about Kevin Smith‘s Tusk, but ultimately it was the spark that gave new life to the filmmaker. Just like he did in the ’90s, Smith made Tusk kind of on a whim. He and his producer Scott Mosier came up with the idea, Smith wrote it and a few months later it was being shot. Unlike his ’90s debut, Smith did have funding this time so it wasn’t as down and dirty as Clerks. But the independent spirit was there. And Kevin Smith is now overflowing with movie ideas.

He’s got a few more days to shoot on Yoga Hosers, a Tusk spinoff about two 15-year-old girls fighting monsters. After that, he’ll finally make the long awaited Clerks III. He’s also got preliminary funding to make Moose Jaws, a horror comedy that is basically Jaws with a moose. That’ll likely happen after Clerks III.

For Smith fans, though, there’s one glaring omission that list: Hit Somebody. Over the past few years, Smith’s hockey epic morphed from one film, to two films, to a miniseries and then into oblivion as he got busy with so many other things. But /Film recently talked to the director and he revealed that the producers of Tusk have given him money not only to make Yoga Hosers, Clerks III and Moose Jaws but Hit Somebody as well. And they’ll shoot it in Canada during the Fall of 2015.

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1994 was a major year in American independent cinema. Quentin Tarantino released his second movie: Pulp Fiction. Steve James’s documentary Hoop Dreams was hailed as an instant classic. And a tiny British film became one of the year’s top grossers: Four Weddings and a Funeral. That was also the year that Kevin Smith released a little movie called Clerks.

Made for just over $27,000, the gritty, raunchy comedy inspired by Richard Linklater’s Slacker heralded Smith’s pop culture influenced voice into the world of movies. He made a sequel twelve years later and recently announced that a third part would bookend his filmmaking career. In a new interview, Smith revealed a bit more of his plan with Clerks 3. He said he hopes to have it ready in 2014 for the 20th anniversary of his debut, and that he might try to make it for the same amount of money as the original. Watch the interview below, which also includes some Hit Somebody info. Read More »

It’s interesting to me that some of the biggest names from the ’90s indie cinema boom in America are planning to end their directorial careers on television. Steven Soderbergh will close out his run as a director with Behind the Candelabra, on HBO. Quentin Tarantino has suggested that he’s only got a limited number of theatrical features in him, but could see doing a huge Kill Bill-style story as “a six-hour mini-series or something.”

And now Kevin Smith, who was a huge indie success thanks to Clerks in 1994, says his final project, the hockey movie Hit Somebody, originally meant to be two features, will be a mini-series on an unspecified network. Read More »

Earlier this year, Kevin Smith told fans he was hoping to begin production on his final film, Hit Somebody, over the summer aimed at a 2013 premiere at Sundance. That didn’t happen, and the reasons for the delay are plentiful. Smith himself has been incredibly busy, working on books, TV, and a speaking tour. He admits he may have been overly ambitious. The director had hoped to make Hit Somebody an epic two-part send-off for his directing career, and in a new interview he’s updated the timeline.

Smith has decided two films, especially expensive period films like Hit Somebody, would be too much, so he’s currently working at combining his two scripts back into one. He also said there’s currently no timeline on production, mostly because he doesn’t want to rush out an inferior product. Read his quotes after the jump. Read More »

Today brings two minor updates on Kevin Smith‘s Hit Somebody. The first is from Nicholas Braun, the actor who’ll eventually star in the film as a hockey enforcer who dreams of scoring just one goal. We spoke to Braun on the set of his latest movie, Dylan Kidd’s Get A Job, and he said the version of the script he read is Kevin Smith’s “finest” work and a “love letter to hockey” complete with flashbacks to the origins of the sport.

Also, Smith was recently on Sirius XM’s The Opie and Anthony Show and gave more information on a supporting character comedian Jim Norton will play in the film, a goalie based on hockey legend Glenn Hall. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Thursday night, Kevin Smith invaded multiplexes with a simulcast of Kevin Smith: Live from Behind. The event featured the Clerks filmmaker and his hetero life mate Jason Mewes doing their podcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, followed by an extended question and answer session. As usual, the Q&A featured Smith revealing all sorts of information on his upcoming projects.

He dropped a few more nuggets about Hit Somebody, such as its proposed budget and updated release schedule, and even formally announced a new movie called Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie, which will blend live action and R-rated animation. All the details are after the jump. Read More »

As we know from the past, every once in a while, Kevin Smith bombards Twitter with a bunch of film related updates and Thursday morning he did it again. The last we heard about Smith’s upcoming hockey film Hit Somebody, the filmmaker said he was going to split it into two movies and was finishing the script for the first film.

Smith revealed that he’s put the kibosh on that idea and will now make Hit Somebody “one big movie” running about 150 minutes. He’s in the middle of writing the second script, will then combine them and hopefully start shooting in June 2012 with an eye at premiering at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, which is just about one year from now. Read Smith’s tweets and more after the jump. Read More »

Kevin Smith took to Twitter Friday morning to update his fans on his next and final film, Hit Somebody. Smith recently announced that the hockey film would be released in two parts, ala Kill Bill, and as of today the first script is done and he’s moved on to part two. He’ll call part one Hit Somebody: Home and the second part Hit Somebody: Away referring to the fact that the first film will see the main character Buddy, played by Nicholas Braun, growing up and the second will see him playing pro hockey. Smith’s also aiming for the first part to be rated PG-13 and the second part R. Yes, another PG-13 Kevin Smith movie. There’s more after the jump. Read More »

When Kevin Smith said Hit Somebody would be his last film before retiring, he was only telling part of the story. Smith is currently in Canada touring Red State and at the post film Q&A in Montreal he told the audience that the hockey film, which he’s long said would be his directorial finale, has become too big for one movie. Much as Quentin Tarantino did with Kill Bill, he’s making it a two parter. Read more after the jump. Read More »

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Kevin Smith is back to his old tricks again. Smith recently admitted that he loves to drop hints of news in various different places to see who picks up on them and he’s done it again, two times. First up, Smith tweeted that we could have a chance to see his independent thriller Red State on Labor Day, weeks before it’s regularly scheduled October 19 release date. He also told that he plans on releasing the script for Hit Somebody in advance of the film actually being finished. We explain, and speculate about, both after the break. Read More »