This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam discuss the transcendence of Tree of Life, delve into some television season finales, and debate the hypocrisy of the Cannes film festival. Special guest C. Robert Cargill joins us from Ain’t It Cool News.

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Sundance Invades The Summer of 2011

Everyone’s talked ad nauseam about how the summer of 2011 is going to be a blockbuster bloodbath. Week after week of high concept, big budget sequels featuring superheroes, robots and wizards. But those aren’t the only movies that’ll be playing at your local theater during the long, hot months of May, June, July and August. A huge chunk of movies we reviewed in January at the Sundance Film Festival – from award winners to our personal favorites – are also finding their way into theaters during that time. As the heat quickly approaches, we’ve decided to highlight over 20 Sundance films that are scheduled to open opposite the traditional Hollywood fare. See images, read reviews and find release dates all below. Read More »

Update from Editor Peter Sciretta: Back in February, an early trailer was leaked online, and quickly yanked because it was not official. Today Wrekin Hill Entertainment released an official trailer. The original story follows below, and the new trailer after the jump.

Hesher premiered over a year ago at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and was quickly purchased by Newmarket Films. Since then, the feature debut of director Spencer Susser has remained curiously dormant. In that time, though, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Natalie Portman experienced the biggest successes of their careers and now Hesher is ready to introduce itself to the world. The film stars Gordon-Levitt as the long-haired anarchist title character who inserts himself into the life of a single parent (Rainn Wilson) and his son (Devin Brochu) as well as local girl played by current Oscar-nominee Portman. We ran Peter’s mildly positive review on the site when it first premiered and I remain head-over-heels in love with the combination of humor, drama and craziness. A trailer has finally surfaced. Check it out, along with a clip from the film, after the break. Read More »

SXSW Film Festival Announces 2011 Features Lineup

The South by Southwest Film Festival has announced their features lineup for the 2011’s Festival, which will take place March 11th to the 19th in Austin Texas. Read the full press release after the jump.

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As the year comes to an end, anybody and everybody are posting their best of the year lists. Most of these lists contain variations of the same 15 or 20 films. To break the mold, some are even posting lists of the best films of the year that you probably haven’t seen. I find that even these lists are filled with the same movies. And if you’re a film geek reading a site like /Film, chances are you know about most of the movies on these lists.

I wanted to do something different and compile a list of the best films of the year that you’ve never heard of. The selections should be movies that (for the most part) none of your family or friends have heard of, and you might even have to do some extra legwork to get your hands on.

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Has ‘Hesher’ Been Retitled ‘Rebel’?


Update: A few sources (but not yet Newmarket) are saying this is just a name change for international distribution. Peter saw the poster above at Cannes, where it may have been used only for sales purposes. So don’t take that image as final. Original article follows.

One of the more anticipated movies going into Sundance this year was Spencer Susser‘s Hesher, which casts Joseph Gordon-Levitt as “a long haired tattooed head-banging badass, who inserts himself ” into the life of a young man who has recently lost his mother. The film didn’t wow everyone at the fest, and was picked up by smaller distributor Newmarket. Now it seems the picture has a new title: the much less distinctive and interesting Rebel. Read More »


UPDATE: Just after I published this, The Weinstein Company was announced as the distributor for Blue Valentine, the drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. The film has been one of the critical hits of the fest, but I’ve got to wonder what TWC will be able to do with it. The company is struggling, and I don’t have much faith in its ability to give the movie a proper release. Check Peter’s video review of Blue Valentine here. Original article follows.

Right at the beginning of this year’s Sundance there were a couple of big deals made. The doc Waiting for Superman was bought by Paramount and Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds, was picked up by Lionsgate. (Read Peter’s review.)As the festival winds down there have been a couple other big buys. Hesher is the most notable, with the Joseph Gordon-Levitt starring film going to Newmarket. The very well-received The Kids Are Alright has also found a home, and while Joel Schumacher‘s Twelve isn’t the best-reviewed film at the fest, it’s got a deal now, too. Read More »

Sundance Movie Review: Hesher


In 2008, I discovered a wonderful short film titled I Love Sarah Jane by commercial and music video director Spencer Susser. I loved it so much, I even featured it on /Film (you can watch it here — and if you haven’t yet, you really need to). The short was a very different kind of zombie film, nothing like you’ve ever seen before — in the same way Let The Right One In was a different kind of vampire film than you’ve ever seen before. After seeing this short film, I definitely was in to see anything Susser was to produce.

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Sundance Interview: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

You never know who you’re going to bump into during Sundance. First I randomly had a run in with a /Film reader who was volunteering at the fest on the shuttle bus. Walking up main street, we walked by Colin Hanks, who has a role in the pot comedy HIGH School, which premieres at this year’s fest. And while checking out the press preview of the New Frontier on Main exhibition center, I came across an opportunity to speak with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, one of my favorite indie actors on the moment.

Levitt appears in my most anticipated film of this year’s festival, Hesher, from the director of the awesome short film I Love Sarah Jane. Levitt is also in Park City to promote his production company/collaborative filmmaking website, which is an interesting creative venture. I’ll be interested to see where Joe takes it in the coming years. As I’ve said before, this was in no way a scheduled interview, and thus I made use of the tools available to me and recorded it on my iphone. Watch the six minute video interview, embedded after the jump.

And No, I didn’t ask him about (500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot (I know a lot of people on twitter asked, but from what I’ve heard Sony wants Peter Parker to be a High Schooler, and JGL might not fit into that age range anymore).
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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Sundance Film Festival

Since I’m in Park City, a day before the 2010 Sundance Film Festival officially begins, I thought I’d do a round-up of the films I’m most looking forward to this year at the festival. Attending Sundance, you have to put a list together of the movies you want to see the most. Sometimes you’re lucky and you pick something that becomes the buzz of the fest — Super Size Me, Little Miss Sunshine, Rocket Science, or (500) Days of Summer. And sometimes your choices are just dead wrong, for example, last year The Informers was on the top of my must see list. But by the end of the fest, the film was my most hated movie of the year.

So these predictions are in now way definitive. They are very subjective, films that caught my interest. I usually stick to more narrative films (over documentaries) and often see more English language films. I have my little sub genres which I always feel drawn to, for instance, I usually love coming of age stories. And if they are set in the 1970’s or 1980’s, all the better. Minimalistic one-room thrillers also interest me.

This year doesn’t have many obvious breakout choices, but had a lot of solid looking films. If you’ve been actively reading the site over the last month, then you’ve probably checked out a bunch of the Sundance photo and trailer previews and you might recognize a bunch of these films. The following 18 selections are also in no particular order. Lets take a look at my choices for this year’s festival (and it might be fun to revisit this list at the conclusion of the festival, to see how right or wrong I was).

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