Star Wars Influences Heidi

(Welcome to The Movies That Made Star Wars, a series where we explore the films that inspired George Lucas’ iconic universe. In this edition: the family classic Heidi.)

1937 saw the release of Heidi, a classic film starring Shirley Temple and directed by the legendary silent film maker Allan Dwan. Temple, a box-office powerhouse, stars as a young orphan girl sent to live with her gruff, malcontent grandfather. In short order, the two of them form an unlikely bond and come to love each other, but soon they’re torn from each other. Heidi’s evil aunt kidnaps her and sells the young girl to a woman as a companion for an injured girl. Of course, Heidi’s grandfather sets out on foot in the harsh winter to rescue the girl so they may be reunited. Of course, a fast-paced chase ensues and then everyone lives happily ever after.

So, how in the world did this inform the world of Star Wars?

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