Video game publisher UbiSoft has really taken possession of the film translations of its game properties. The company has been working to develop a load of film: Splinter Cell, starring Tom Hardy, with New Regency; Assassin’s Creed starring Michael Fassbender, who is also producing for Fox; Watch Dogs with Sony; and Ghost Recon with Michael Bay and Warner Bros.

Ubi has also been pushing its Raving Rabbids characters to television and other forms of merchandizing, and is now taking the little guys to the big screen. Info on that is below.

Sony, meanwhile, has some of its own properties in development, including Ratchet and Clank (teaser here), Sly Cooper (teaser here), and Heavenly Sword. We’ve seen one teaser for Heavenly Sword, and now there’s a new one, which you can also see below. Read More »


Just in time for the debut of the PlayStation4, we’ve got a trailer for the CG animated film adaptation of a game that launched six years ago in the first year of the PlayStation3. The title is Heavenly Sword, and the film began as a trial development between Sony and Blockade Entertainment. The feature started to make noise at Cannes this year, and at the American Film Market it secured distribution for 2014.

The film features the voices of Anna Torv, as heroine Nariko, Alfred Molina as King Bohan, and Thomas Jane as Loki. Watch the trailer below. Read More »