When a popular book or property is announced for a movie, the first reaction of many fans is “They should make it a TV series instead.” Television gives complex stories time to develop, where movies sometimes rush though popular stories to meet a specific run time. The novel to miniseries transition, without a movie adaptation, can be incredibly successful (Game of Thrones) or incredibly polarizing (Under the Dome) and isn’t as frequently done as the novel-to-movie shift.

Now, something even rarer and more exciting is happening. The Norwegian film Headhunters, which had been slated for an English language remake with Mark Wahlberg circling, is now being developed into an HBO series. Originally the property was a popular Norwegian novel by Jo Nesbø, which was then adapted into that excellent 2011 film by Morten Tyldum. The English remake rights to that film were purchased by Summit. Lionsgate then purchased Summit, along with the rights, and they’ve now decided HBO is a better place for the story than the big screen.  Read More »


Dave, Devindra, and Adam invite you to check out the under-appreciated Dredd, lament the lost career of Ed Wood, sing the praises of Shawn Ryan’s Last Resort, and opine that Headhunters got the “foreign movie” pass. Tasha Robinson from AV Club joins us for this episode.

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Jo Nesbø’s best-selling 2008 thriller Headhunters was turned into a film that did quite well at festivals last year. Well enough, in fact, that rights to remake the picture were quickly snapped up by Summit, leading to Mark Wahlberg voicing his desire to take the lead role.

The film follows a successful corporate headhunter (Askel Hennie) who is deep in debt, and so has turned to stealing and selling art to maintain his lifestyle. When he goes after one particular painting, however, he discovers a secret that makes him a target for the sort of people we’d all rather avoid. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau of Game of Thrones plays a major role. It’s easy to see why Summit would be interested in a remake, but based on the footage we’ve seen so far I’d much rather just watch the original. Check out a US-tailored trailer after the break. Read More »

Though last month’s Contraband was Mark Wahlberg‘s first film to hit theaters since 2010’s The Fighter, the star is now busier than ever. He’s got Ted, from Seth McFarlane, due out this summer, plus Broken City, 2 Guns, and Pain and Gain all scheduled to land sometime next year.

Now Wahlberg has yet another new project in his sights: the Jo Nesbø adaptation Headhunters. Nesbø’s novel has already been turned into a Norwegian film which received glowing praise at last year’s Fantastic Fest. So, naturally, Hollywood is interested in making its own English-language version of the story. More details after the jump.

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Another amazing foreign property is about to get lost in translation. Summit Entertainment just bought the English language rights to the Norwegian best-selling novel Headhunters by Jo Nesbø, the same novel that’s the basis for a 2011 Norwegian film which recently played Fantastic Fest to almost universal praise (you can read my review here). Headhunters is the story of a job recruiter who steals priceless art to maintain his lavish lifestyle. He then ends up stealing from the former head of a major security agency who turns the game right back around on him. The original film is one of those edge-of-your-seat heist movies that combines laughs, scares and great action into an almost perfect package. So of course the answer is remake it. Read more and watch a trailer after the jump. Read More »

Another Fantastic Fest is in the books and the festival once again lived up to its name. For eight straight days I slept little, met friends, ate, drank and watched an inhuman amount of crazy genre movies. Now that it’s over, it’s time to not only rank the best films I saw at the festival, but point out a few trends that defined Fantastic Fest 2011. Read More »

Two guys who use their heads for very different things are the stars of Headhunters and Aardvark, another pair of films playing at Fantastic Fest 2011. Headhunters is about a job recruiter who also steals art on the side. He is forced to use all his wit and skill to compete against his latest mark, played by the man best known as Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. As for Aardvark, Larry Lewis Jr. is a real-life blind man who plays himself in a movie that combines his aptitude for jiujitsu, inability to see and a murder mystery. Read about each after the jump. Read More »

If you’re a fan of genre film, you’ve had September 22-29 circled on your calendar for months. That’s when one of the most fun, depraved and intimate film festivals in the country once again invades Austin, Texas. It’s called Fantastic Fest and it features a huge blend of action, horror and sci-fi movies that most people haven’t heard of at the time, but we all hear about after. This year is no different. They announced the first wave of films in July and today we’ve got the second wave. Most of them are new to many of us, but then there are a few that we’ve covered in the past: Nacho Vigalondo‘s Extraterrestrial, Ti West‘s The Innkeepers, Lars Von Trier‘s Melancholia and Adam Wingard‘s You’re Next just to name a few. After the jump, read the full breakdown of the second wave of films. Read More »

If you’re more interested in the typical fall slate of festival entrees than summer’s glut of tentpole action fare, this is a great week. The Toronto International Film Festival announced the first wave of films that will play the fest in September. This is a batch of about 50 titles, which makes up only a small chunk of the programming. Usually TIFF features between two and three hundred films. But these are some of the highest-profile entries.

Below you’ll find rundowns on the new films from George Clooney, Bennett Miller, Jay & Mark Duplass, Todd Solondz, Francis Ford Coppola, Cameron Crowe, Sarah Polley, Fernando Meirelles, Lars von Trier, Marc Forster, Steve McQueen, Alexander Payne, and Lynne Ramsay. No announcement yet of the Midnight Madness programming choices, always some of my faves, but this is a great start. Read More »

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