HBO Max vs HBO Go

HBO Max launches this week – tomorrow, to be exact – and people are still not quite sure how it works. Is the new streaming service the same thing as HBO? Or HBO Go? Or HBO Now? Sensing the confusion in the air, the folks at HBO released a new explainer video that details the differences while hopefully putting all questions to bed.

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Free HBO Content

HBO wants you to stay the hell home during the coronavirus, and to better encourage you to do so, they’re offering a whole bunch of stuff for free. Nine full original series, 10 documentaries and docuseries, and 20 Warner Bros. theatrical films will all be available to stream on HBO for free – as in, you don’t need an HBO subscription to watch them. Plus: Amazon is breaking with tradition, and making in-app purchases, including renting and buying films and TV shows, possible.

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watchmen pilot first reactions

The Watchmen pilot has screened at New York Comic-Con, and even though everyone was told to not tweet about it, everyone is tweeting about it anyway. So there are two common threads here: people saying, “I’m not allowed to talk about this!”, followed by those same people saying, “…but, wow!” In other words: the pilot is apparently great, but that’s all you’re going to get out of people for now. See some of the Watchmen pilot first reactions below.  Read More »

Deadwood Movie

The Deadwood movie has gone through fits and starts for over 10 years. Now, it’s finally happening. HBO has officially given the greenlight to the film revival of the Western series that ran from from 2004 to 2006. Tell your god to ready for blood.

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westworld season 2 finale ratings

Audiences apparently weren’t in the mood to bring themselves back online to watch the Westworld season 2 finale. A new report indicates that 30% fewer viewers watched the season 2 finale compared to season 1. Where did the audience go? Perhaps they escaped to the Valley Beyond.

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HBO skipping Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is going to be a lot less crowded in 2018. We already knew that Marvel opted out of attending SDCC, and now it looks like HBO is following suit. Which means no Game of Thrones or Westworld panels in Hall H this year.

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westworld season 2 questions

Westworld season 2 has just begun, and we already have plenty of questions. Below, we pose the the biggest Westworld season 2 questions that are up in the air at the moment. Spoilers for the show follow.

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I'll Be Gone in the Dark series

Michelle McNamara‘s superb, terrifying true crime best seller I’ll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer will be adapted into an HBO documentary series. McNamara, who died unexpectedly in 2016, was a true crime writer who spent years obsessively tracking the unidentified Golden State Killer. Her book on the subject was published posthumously this year. More on the I’ll Be Gone in the Dark series below.

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HBO airplane edit

When you watch a movie on an airplane, you’re not going to get the best quality version of the film. Airplane edits tend to remove scenes and squish the frame down into a letterbox-like format. This might all make sense for a flight, but when you sit down to watch a movie at home, you’d expect a higher level of quality. Yet HBO appears to be airing airplane edits of certain films for some inexplicable reason, and directors Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Peter Atencio aren’t happy about it.

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‘The Deuce’ Season 2 is Coming

the deuce season 2

HBO’s latest series The Deuce is relatively new, having only aired two episodes so far. It seems the reaction to those two episodes was apparently good enough for HBO, because today they announced that the show has been renewed: The Deuce season 2 is officially happening.

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